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Real Madrid Rodrygo: "Zidane is a great person, treats everyone well" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Rodrygo (18 years), one of the great sensations of Real Madrid This early season he gave an interview to Season. In the lecture, the Brazilian talks about his relationship with Zidane and offers details of his landing in Spain and the football elite.

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Were you surprised that your opportunity arrived so early?

I often say that I have to be prepared for opportunities. I have prepared to get to where I am and I am happy for the opportunities, but I have to evolve a lot and we will continue working for the team.

Is it special to be trained by a legend like Zidane?

At first you have this sense of wonder, but then you need to have a professional relationship, coach and player. And this is what happened. Zidane has a beautiful history in football, as a player and as a coach, and teaches us a lot every day. Glad to work with him and be able to learn. The relationship is great, he is an excellent person and treats everyone very well.


How do you feel about being part of a model like Madrid at 18?

Everyone at the club treats me very well since I arrived. It gives me peace of mind to work and have a good relationship with everyone on a daily basis.

What differences do you see from Brazilian football to Spain?

In Europe, football is more intense than in Brazil. With Sampaoli, from my experience, we were already working on it in training, something that helped me a lot in Spain. Here is something daily, also in matches.

What is it like to live in Spain?

It's been very good, quiet. I'm with my family, which gives me peace of mind just thinking about playing soccer.

What did you learn?

Here you will find all the little details so that everything goes well. There is an impressive organization and a very high level of demand. It is a working philosophy with which I identify and which I must try to make the most of.

Did the connection with Brazil come earlier than I imagined?

It was a goal of my career, but it's hard to say if it came sooner than I thought. It is something that people could not expect. I have to work, do my best in the club and the calls will be a consequence of that. Tite called many young players to watch them and give them experience. It was great to be, and I will continue to work to give my best level in Madrid, and thanks to that, I can have new opportunities.