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Real Madrid Sterling, Salah and Mané, the references Vinicius follows – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


After scoring his first goal in the Champions League, a nice touch from outside in the area that gave Madrid victory in Bruges, Vinicius He explained in Jan Breydel's mixed area his commented relationship with goal. "Obsession? I'm happy to score, but I don't play for that, but to help the team. City's Sterling hasn't scored so many goals before."he said.

The Brazilian, who also acknowledged that he was working to refine his definitions, gave an example of the case of the city attacker (25 years), very significant. But he is not the only player who, at his advisers' proposal, notices the Madrid player: he also looks at Salah and Mané, 27, both. Vinicius, with 6 goals in 44 games, averaging one every 391 minutes, improves the data and status of the 19-year-old English and Senegalese international and is close to the Egyptian, who was still in football. parents

19-year-old Sterling: one goal every 1,120 minutes

In 2012-13, at the age of Vinicius, Sterling played 39 games and scored 2 goals (averaging one every 1,120 minutes). In Liverpool, I still didn't know what it was like to play in the Champions League. Sterling, in fact, did not explode in the top scorer until 2017-18, started at 23, scoring 23 goals in 46 games (one every 155 minutes). In 2018-19, he would leave 25 out of 51 games (one every 163 minutes) and in the current one he has 15 out of 23 games (one every 125 minutes).

19-year-old Salah: one goal every 257 minutes

With Vinicius 19, Salah was finishing work in Egypt. Del Arab Contractors, after three seasons, came out with 12 goals, one every 257 minutes. Until 2015-2016, at 23, he did not begin to intuit the pointer in him. This route, the first in Rome, scored 15 points in 42 games (one every 226 minutes). His best record, reaching Liverpool (2017-18) at 25, was 44 out of 52 games (one every 93 minutes).

Mané, 19 years old: one goal every 1,171 minutes

Mané did not debut in the elite at 19. In 2011-12, he jumped with Metz into Ligue 2 with 1 goal in 19 games (1,171 minutes). The next, in 2012-13, at the Austrian RB Salzburg, was placed 19th in 29 games (one every 125 minutes). In the last two seasons, already 25 and 26 years old, he has reached 20 and 26 goals.