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Real Madrid: Vinicius comes back into existence – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


He doesn't expect that and very few would intuit him, maybe just Zidane, but Mallorca was a trap for Vinicius. On October 19, at Son Moix, a school in Madrid left the track. Plan B left the last defeat (1-0) blank this year and a victim, the Brazilian, despite his meritorious performance in the meantime. Nothing was the same since then for Vini, reduced as much in importance as it would have gone out of style. In the next eight games, he made the list in only four and played in three, 36 minutes (5%). Regardless of the controversy because of your situation, It was as if it didn't exist … until this Saturday.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

In this long wait, 49 days since last title until returning to Espanyol at Zidane's eleven elect their legs did not tremble. Who knows him that Vinicius tells He is a Real Madrid player and just wants to succeed in Madrid. In addition, he looks at his passport (19) and understands that his age and more in a club like his dreams are even more logical than joys. So he did not think of borrowing in January.

For the brazilian fourth in the Kopa trophy this week, The force wasn't asking for more either: he wanted an opportunity, Zizou gave it to him and took advantage of it. On Saturday, he was Madrid's first-time leader, playing as if nothing had changed: left, fast and sassy; much higher. Appreciated 85 minutes into the match, he threw a shot three times, blocked a shot, was 82.8% successful on the pass, took eight duels, lost ten balls and recovered four.


He failed what he used in the definition, although in his attempts, which demanded the best of Diego López, and in his wasted shipments by Benzema, a clearer sight glass was intuited. I can also see it that way Zidane, who generally does not praise and was most affectionate at the press conference after 2-0 to Machin's: "Players always want to score, but I do not ask for a goal. Today you have to highlight your work. He did very well, defensively and offensively. Like everyone Also, playing less lately. "

Its resurgence led to another similar opinion, that of the ponderous Alvaro Benito. "I have no doubt that Vinicius will be an unstoppable player." Some players and some people mature before others. It will take a better finishing process, but it will be unstoppable. Already. It has a supersonic speed. You have to take care of him, "he said in Sports carousel. Vinicius exists again, only Zidane remains to be forgotten.