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Real Madrid: Zidane and the hieroglyph Messi – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


It has been a recurring problem for Capello, Schuster, Juande Ramos, Pellegrini, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Benitez, Solari and, in two stages, Zidane: How to neutralize Messi?

The first formula is grease the Casemiro-Valverde binomial, the loading wall in Madrid has greatly improved. The Brazilian and The little bird would be the antiMessi shield while the other two 4-4-2 midfielders (Kroos, Modric or Isco) would end up giving more strength and weight in building the white game.

The next possibility is to emphasize the importance of Ramos and Varane's help. Drown Messi's space by narrowing the meters between defense and pivots, especially Valverde. The third, the individual marking from Valverde to Messi is the most complicated. to possess Zizou he shot his ass in the penultimate classic he lived in, the painful 0-3 of the Bernabeu on December 23, 2017. That day the Frenchman surprised Kovacic as a prey dog ​​to watch the crack and Madrid paid for him dearly. attack, the Croatian followed the orders at length, did not take off from Messi and left a three-lane road to Rakitic towards Barça 0-1 …

Real Madrid: Zidane and the hieroglyph Messi

 - Transgaming 1

Casemiro, with Valverde.

The Casemiro-Valverde binomial has relaunched Madrid and could be the anti-Messi shield.

Mou and & # 39; Carletto & # 39; tried …

Before, who slept nights and gained gray hair inventing methods to try to minimize the influence of Messi was Mourinho. During the bloody succession of classics of 2011 and 2012, designed a system (& # 39; the cage & # 39;) to block the Argentine using Pepe in the center of the field with the mission of being the shadow of La Pulga. Ancelotti opted for a similar approach for his first Barcelona-Real Madrid in 2013. He advanced to Ramos (Varane and Pepe were the centrals) to torpedo the action zone of the Argentine star. It was of little use. Whites fell 2-1 (Messi gave Mathieu 1-0) and months later the Italian recognized that this tactic "was a mistake."

Real Madrid: Zidane and the hieroglyph Messi

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Pepe was the piece chosen by Mourinho to try to neutralize Messi.

Messi is at a particularly sweet moment and Zidane has nine days to decipher the hieroglyphic complex supposed to nullify the Golden Ball.