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Real Madrid Zidane risks with Casemiro – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Zidane grabs Casemiro like a burnt nail. Not even the threat of a fifth yellow that would prevent the Brazilian from being at Camp Nou Classic this coming Wednesday (20:00, Movistar LaLiga) interrupted the presence of Casemiro in the turn on of the french coach. The midfielder has the yellow room in tow since the November 2nd (saw her against Betis), is the player who sum of more minutes with Madrid in this course and the only one who played all games.

Casemiro is holding the card that would hold the suspension for 421 minutes.. In fact, the 14 whites have already seen five yellow in the league this season, but Madrid has upheld its appeal for Villarreal to the last resort and finally the TAD has removed it on 16 October. A decision that the freed from the threat of facing the game against Mallorca before the original date of the classic. The next day, the competition decreed the postponement of the accident.

Later, Casemiro was only warned once in the League, in the aforementioned game against Betis. He later emerged unscathed before Eibar (without fail), Real Sociedad (1), Alavés (2) and Espanyol (4). Yes, he saw her, however, last Wednesday in the Champions League against Bruges.

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The Brazilian has no respite

The Brazilian is the most used player by Zidane in this campaign. 1,830 minutes are played, 96.8% of the total. The French coach only scored in the last half hour against Levante (duel before PSG visit at Princes' Park) and also in the last 30 minutes against Galatasaray at the Bernabéu, when the match was already 4-0 (6-0 at the end) ). In the other two seasons he started at the bank of Madrid, Zidane had never squeezed a player so much. In 2016-2017, leaving aside the Cup, the one that took the most minutes was Varane: 1,605 & # 39; representing 83.6% of the possible. In the following (2017-2018), and also avoiding the knockout tournament, the largest number of minutes was Ramos: 1,750, which represented an 81% stake.

Real Madrid League and Champions Minutes

Player Min Part Player Min Part
Casemiro 1,830 96.83% Ballet 708 37.46%
Bouquets 1,680 88.89% Rodrygo 643 34.02%
Benzema 1,677 88.73% Vinicius 606 32.06%
Varane 1,620 85.71% Bait 487 25.77%
Carvajal 1,530 80.95% Militancy 485 25.66%
Courtois 1,485 78.57% Lucas V. 445 23.54%
Kroos 1,433 75.82% Odriozola 434 22.96%
Danger 982 51.96% James 422 22.33%
Valverde 860 45.50% Areola 405 21.43%
Marcelo 807 42.70% Jovic 396 20.95%
Modric 770 40.74% Nacho 225 11.90%
Mendy 762 40.32% Brahim 40 2.12%

Mariano and the injured Asensio didn't play a minute.

"We know the importance of Casemiro, we have talked about it many times. He is a player who takes many minutes. A coach always has to pick a call and think about the specific game," Zidane said before the Bruges game; Casemiro played the whole game. The coach insisted on Saturday the message: "The decision, the last word, is from the coach. I, in the end, I have to make an alignment in each match thinking only of the immediate match. If I think about Wednesday, because everyone is more interested in this, I'm wrong"