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Real Madrid Zidane: "We don't even talk about the classic, we're not interested" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane appeared in the Valdebebas press room to analyze the 17th day LaLiga star game that will face the white team against Valencia in Mestalla this Sunday (21:00, Movistar LaLiga)

Rival hard and fit: "It's another challenge. It's a team that is playing very well, with very good results, just qualified for the eighth place in the Champions League. We know that. We want to give our best version because we have a game tomorrow, after , and that's what interests us, that's how we prepare it. As always, trying to grow as a team and as players. "

The safety of the classic: "We don't even talk about it. We are interested in what will happen tomorrow, because it is the next game. I know many are interested in talking about it, but I and everyone here is only interested in tomorrow's game." .

If you need more clarity from Barça regarding your position: "Questions and perfects, I answer with all my respect. For me, as a Real Madrid coach, I worry about tomorrow's game. The rest we'll see on Tuesday. Today is tomorrow's game, Valencia."

Less rest than Barcelona for the classic: "It's LaLiga who sets the times and we respect them. We can't do anything about these things. The schedule isn't made by me. We respect, that's what we're going to play. That's how we can't change that."

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Bale situation: "I don't think his role is any less important. I'm making decisions. The other day, I made three changes and he wasn't there, but he's one of us, as always, he's here and I'll count on him. I have 25 players and they are all important to me. It is true that we can talk about one or the other, especially outside, but for a coach it is very important inside. It is day to day. I am here every day with them and everyone, all, is handed over. That's the most important thing to me. Gareth is important like the others. "

Casemiro, aware: "The decision, the last word, is up to the coach. I always talk to my players, of course, because I'm interested in each other's feelings. Casemiro is the same as all the players. We know their importance and E's in the end "I have to align each game thinking only about tomorrow's game. If I think of Wednesday because everyone is more interested in it, I'm wrong. Tomorrow you'll see how we're going to do it." The important thing is that they are available. "

A real help: "Three things can happen, lose, draw or win. Let's see. I know it will be a good football game and I'll see why I'm interested. Let's see the result. Real are having a good season. There are a lot of teams in the country." in this league and that's why we like it, to me it's the best there is, that they always have that attitude in every game. I will see you as a fan. "

Vinicius and Rodrygo in the important games: "Football is not old. In France there is a 42-year-old who still plays. He is the host."

If you decided on Mestalla's eleven: "I won't answer. I'm sorry, but I won't tell you if I have that in mind. I'd rather have things."

Rotations: "It's going to be hard not to run because we have three good and important games next to each other. I have, as I always like to say, 25 players and I can count on everyone. There are two or three out there, but in the end I have others and I will have everyone in all three games. "

Comparison with the year of the pair: "That reminds me of nothing. But nothing, nothing, nothing."

Mbappe and its problems with Tuchel. "He is a PSG player and I will not comment here on what happens there. It would be disrespectful. I know Kylian very well, but I have to respect."

Castilla as a solution for the left side: "It may be, but I have a team of 25 players and experienced players. Fran García is very good from our quarry and it can happen, but it won't be in this game."

Your decision not to reveal anything to the press. "It's my way of being. Rivals study us, and the position I can take here will be analyzed all the time; and everything will be analyzed, if I scratch my nose, scratch my head … It's true that not often." I say nothing or always answer the same thing, but when I say nothing or don't care, it's my strategy, I don't want to give clues to the rival. "