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Real Madrid Zidane will protect Real Madrid with the return of Casemiro – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Zidane will protect team during Camp Nou visit with Casemiro returning to eleven initials, after the Brazilian rested as a precaution in Mestalla (he is a yellow of the sanction in the League). It was his first truce so far this year because he started in the first 21 games and lost just 60 minutes (30 ’against Levante and another half hour against Galatasaray). "I just thought about the Valencia match," Zidane said before the Brazilian substitute.

Picture of Casemiro

The fact is that Case It became irreplaceable for the coach, which does not contemplate a classic with its absence. Beside him will be three more midfielders: Kroos, Valverde and Modric. That way, Zizou repeats the scheme that gave PSG such a good result, although this time Modric starts with an advantage over Isco.

Ferland Mendy Photos

To finish boosting the eleven, the white coach recovers Mendy on the left side, who lost the duel against Valencia by penalty (played Nacho). The Frenchman became a defense expert. He showed this especially in three games: & # 39; dried & # 39; Chukweze against Villarreal, Navas against Sevilla and Portu against Real Sociedad. Their defensive security will be fundamental in a band that in recent years has always attacked Barça to take advantage of Marcelo's offensive vocation …

Kroos Photos

For your part, Kroos has one of his best moments as a Real Madrid football player. Against Valencia in Mestalla played excellence. He distributed 108 passes and 105 of them were good (97.2%). This is a LaLiga record this season. German numbers show their improvement over the past bad course. It's set for Zidane: he played 1,523 minutes (76.9% of the total) and regained its ability to reach the final meters. He has scored three goals, two more than last season. He is very close to improving his top scorer since you saw white, the five goals he has achieved in the 2017-18 season when he lifted his third consecutive Champion with Zidane on the bench.

In addition, Bale (30 years) tomorrow he will have a new opportunity to claim a classic. So far, the Welshman has played five games against Barcelona at Camp Nou, where he lived it all: He won once, tied again and lost three times. He was replaced on three occasions (in the 2015-16 campaign, he was relieved by Zidane in the 89th minute by Lucas Vázquez for wasting time) while scoring just one goal: a strong left-footed shot from outside the box to pass Asensio who served to draw 2-2 in the 2017-18 season. Tomorrow will coincide with referee Hernández Hernández, same as in the 2015-16 season, he canceled a legal goal by pointing out a non-existent foul on Jordi Alba.

Bale Photo

Later images showed that the Welshman had jumped cleanly on Barca. Nor should we forget Bale's reckless entry into Umtiti (2017-18), despite what was not even admonished. Before Barça, after playing 35 minutes against Valencia, it seems that he will start. It will be a retest after a very negative run: accumulate 107 days without appointment to Madrid (since September 1 against Villarreal, 2-2, scored both goals) …