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Real Madrid ? Zidane’s talks so Jovic wouldn’t lose faith – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Real Madrid ? Zidane's talks so Jovic wouldn't lose faith - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Luka Jovic’s first months at Real Madrid are far from what he projected in the summer, when it became the second most expensive white signing of the season (60 million) after Hazard (100). He landed with the ‘9’ sign of guarantees that would oxygenate Benzema, or even complement him, and with a reputation as a killer that he earned in his final season at Eintracht (27 games in 48 games). The goal was secured with the Bosnian Serb. But the striker is yet to meet. He has only one target in 432 minutes (over 15 matches) and many obstacles: the lack of mastery of the Spanish, the bad luck (he has finished twice to the club) and the VAR (two goals canceled for offside).

Although Jovic is a player with a strong mentality, he has gone through moments of frustration seeing that the ball was not coming in and even heard some beep from the Bernabeu. “The audience was very tough,” he said after ‘freeing himself’ with a single guest as a Madridist (before the Leganés). But amid that sea of doubt, Zidane has been a board the striker has grabbed. In several private conversations he has conveyed his trust. “Goals will come, patience. I’m happy with your work,” he repeated. Not for nothing, the Marseillaise faithfully backed his signing this summer.

This Tuesday, the Madrid coach wanted to inoculate more hope with a seamless public defense: “It’s the future, he’s 21 years old, he’s going to score a lot of goals and he’s very good. You have to be patient.” This endorsement also comes to Jovic at a difficult time in his country. At the center of the personal issues controversy, he was singled out by his coach, who has not summoned him since September: “Jovic’s problem is Jovic”. On Wednesday, in the semi-final of the Super Cup against Valencia, the 18th target points to be the substitute for the injured Benzema in the EL1 of Real Madrid. A golden opportunity to thank Zidane with goals for his words.