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Real Oviedo Borja Sánchez is the best news of the whole season – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


In a season that is not going as planned at the time, at least there is good news. Success in hiring is evident, as men like Ortuño, Nieto, Sangalli or Arribas are important in the plans. But the main reason for pride among fans is the outbreak of Borja Sánchez, a canteran in which many hopes have always been placed.

This has been his presentation in professional football, which just four months later some teams have asked about his situation. It is Borja's first campaign with the first team, after two featured seasons at Vetusta, the blue subsidiary. Your low termination clause, 3 million euros, make this a bargain for potential buyers.

Oviedo Emblem / Flag

Therefore, Oviedo is already considering renewing its pearl. The goal is for the player to feel comfortable and raise the clause. The damage of his departure would be great for Oviedo, who, moreover, having the creditors agreement signed at the time, should transfer a percentage of the transfer to the lenders. If any team paid the 3 million, 30% would be for past debt.

The deciding factor in Borja's emergence is Javi Rozada, the man who opted for him after Anquela and Egea will put you in the background in the last two campaigns. He only made him play in 6 minutes in Tarragona and Argentina, 18 minutes in his last head-to-head match in a 0-2 loss against Elche.

Rozada Borja trained at the Oviedo cadet, just before the canteran was transferred to Madrid, where he was burning stages until he touched Castilla.

It was also Rozada the one who convinced the middle point two seasons ago to sign his return. It was a risky gamble. Borja had to move from the white subsidiary to compete in Tercera, though hoping the doors of the first team would open.

This foreground step took longer than the bill to arrive. It wasn't until this year, with Rozada already as coach, when Borja had absolute prominence. He took control of the half point, over 1,000 minutes in the second and helped the Blues with three goals, the last one in Santo Domingo last Friday. There is also the fact that the three goals have reached Blues victories: Albacete (1-2), Girona (4-2) and Alcorcón (1-3). He has attended 15 meetings this season.