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Real Oviedo El Oviedo is fixed in Alex Mula – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


After the competition has been paused for the next two weeks, the activity is mainly aimed at dispatches. Francesc Arnau has before him the opportunity to give a leap of quality to a staff, that of the Oviedo, it’s shown some obvious flaws so far this season. The idea is to try to get several footballers to arrive, and the signings can point to various positions. Alex Mula, extreme of Malaga, is one of the following.

The main source of concern is in the middle of the field, where the team has shown the most indepble this campaign. Tampoco must neglect the defense, another area where the team has shown a more bolder version on the first lap of the competition. But reinforcements aren’t limited to those two positions. The transgaming.orgs management understands that the attack focus must also be retouched.

Shield/Flag Oviedo

It is there that Alex Mula enters, who tries to find a way out in the winter market to his idle situation in Malaga. Mula was one of the victims of the best-improved transgaming.orgs planning of the Malitans. Last summer market he ran out of a record with Malaga’s first team having covered the Andalusian ensemble its salary cap. Mula traines daily with Malaga and collects from the club, but can not play any minute.

That’s why the footballer’s departure is to play in another team on the second round. Mula’s situation has piqued the interest of several teams in the category, but the Oviedo has insisted the most. The footballer would not see with bad eyes playing with the blue shirt on the second round of the competition.

For Malaga, the exit is not bad either, probably in the form of a transfer, since the end card would be saved, a detail to take into account in view of the economic situation of the entity. In favor of the carbayona option plays the fact that it is Arnau whoever is in charge of transgaming.orgs management. Arnau meets Mula from the stage of both in Malaga and knows what he can give of himself.

The conditions of the wing seem to adapt to what the Oviedo de Rozada is looking for in the runoff. The back-and-forth football that usually benefits the blues would find Mule a good ally.