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Real Oviedo Oviedo improves back – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Javi Rozada has been sincere throughout his time as coach of Oviedo's first team. Aware of his team's weaknesses, he focused on improving defensive performance. The blues suffered back problems since the first day of the competition (when they lost 3-2 at Riazor) and never achieved a substantial improvement. The last games, which both ended with the carbayona victory, show the first symptoms of improvement.

And that the individual errors are still valid. Before Rayo Vallecano, with Oviedo ahead on the scoreboard, Alejandro Arribas failed to start the game, giving Embarba a free kick, This was responsible for the design. In Santo Domingo, the turn went to champagne. The Argentine goalkeeper slipped from the center of the goal and Boateng, aware of the result, scored in the provisional 1-2.

Both errors were left in the background by the blues wins, which put them in a more relaxed position, with 3 mattress points on the descent posts a Second B. But it was two isolated failures, not representative of the upward line that shows the team every day.

Oviedo Emblem / Flag

Because the duels against Rayo and Alcorcón showed two of the strongest versions of Oviedo this season. Jémez fired only twice, while the potter fired once. Brand attracts attention if placed in context. For example, if compared to the 6 shots between the three clubs Las Palmas made three weeks ago, or the 7 from Huesca on the previous visit.

The step ahead of Arribas

The improvement in group work is evident, but there are also individual factors that explain that the team is now more solid. The most obvious is Arribas. The center arrived last summer as a clear bet from Michu, who saw in his former Lightning partner the leader the team required to take charge from behind.

Arribas cost its integration into the team, but its best version finally arrived. The preseason started late, after his inactivity in Mexico and when he started playing, an injury left him on the dry dock for a few weeks. Already recovered, Rozada made a strong commitment to him and Madrid responded on the pitch despite the rude mistake already made in the duel against Rayo.