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REAL VALLADOLID 1×1 Pucela vs. Real: Salisu seals a blocking point – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Equality that Sandro or Guardiola failed to undo managed to keep Salisu in the end in favor of a Real Valladolid who knows the point well. The Ghanaian central made a providential cut in the last few minutes that supported the bloc's work, firm again in defense and with greater production in attack, but without success.

Masip. Attentive to avoid the occasion, he did not receive many clear occasions, but had to work at least during the last Real shot, which ended with a distant shot that broke. OK

Moyano He met another complicated game in which he had to dance with Oyarzabal, who managed to keep it to a minimum. He moved to the left when Nacho retired injured and Captain Txuri-Urdin grew up without him there. OK

Kiko Olivas He made a mistake in the first half that was not for adults. It was his only mole. He collaborated with Moyano on building a wall for the right sector, for which several of Real's best players played. OK

Salisu No cut in cut as usual. William Jose forced him into a major effort in the midst of the confusion. The splendid anticipation at ground level he made at 85 minutes was critical. VERY WELL

Nacho He had to deal with Portu's speed and often did well. He barely had a presence in the attack. This time I did not play. He was injured at the ankle. OK

Pablo Hervías. He had the clearest chance from the first half, a wrong shot that hit the post and left the box. More or less, he couldn't go very deep. OK

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

Stinks San Emeterio. He had to multiply before many realistic players were in his area of ​​influence. With ball was the best of blanquivioletas. OK

Michel Fallon with ball. He tried to lead the pressure on the exit of the rival ball, but eventually took the same step back as the rest. He threw a dangerous foul that Remiro avoided. OK

Toni Villa He tried as a tightrope walker. Present in the defense, in the attack, he had no continuity, like the rest of the team, at the mercy of Txuri-Urdin's possession. REGULAR

Sandro He tried to reverse the situation of Blanquivioleta's attack, with less fortune than he would have liked. He scored a goal that rewarded his wish, though halfway because it was canceled offside. REGULAR

Sergi Guardiola. Stay in your bump. He had a very clear occasion with which to take revenge, when Alex Remus became great and avoided his goal. More desire than participation. REGULAR

Oscar Plan. Fajador in defense, in attack could not contribute what other times. REGULAR

Pedro Porro He came in because of Nacho's injury. His speed served in the final minutes to maintain good defensive level, although he did eat a good scam within the area. REGULAR

Annuar Sergio came in as more legs were in defense. He barely had minutes to show himself.