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REAL VALLADOLID Last rivals stopped missing Pucela – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The subjective feeling was clear: Real Valladolid was made many fouls in recent games, but now can also be shown with numbers. Four of the last five rivals have made more mistakes in dueling with the Pucelans and more than the average of those who usually do. These data indicate that the rivals of blanquiviolets have detected that, with continual failures, the rapid transitions of Sergio González's, one of his weapons in the first league games, are developed or disrupted.

Thus, we find that the Majorca was the first to paste more than the bill. The number of fouls committed was 15 to 20, when the Balearics averaged 14.25 fouls. This data may be coincidental, but we found that the Alaves also passed the age of twenty (21-16), Vitorian team being a team with an average of 17 years. More bleeding was the match against Sevilla. In this meeting, the Andalusians practically committed twice the fouls, continuously interrupting the Pucelan game (13-25). The most curious and remarkable thing, which should put the blanquiviolets on alert, is that a team that usually makes 14.7 fouls per game decided to stop the pucelano game with 25 on their visit to Zorrilla.

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

The exception was the game played in Vigo. At that meeting, the Valladolid people committed more fouls, 16 by 11, than did the celestials, who were in the middle of the season, 11.1. However, the Royal Society copied the patron of Alavés and Sevilla and again stopped the meeting with continuous interruptions, to the point of almost doubling also the faults (11-19) when their average is 14.3 during the season.

Few cards. The worst of this is that the brutality of these teams was not overly punished by the members. In the match against Alavés, Melero López took three yellows from each team, despite the imbalance in fouls. Prieto Iglesias, in the duel against Sevilla, took three to four, two to Ocampos, who has already kicked in the rebate, while González Fuertes allowed many fouls against Real Sociedad and cost him to start receiving cards, but in the end, he warned the Donostiarras with four, none at all to the Valladolid people.

With this data, it seems clear that the premise of the last rivals is to make many mistakes in Valladolid. And it looks like this sequence will not change because Real Valladolid visits Getafe on Sunday, the most-missed team so far in the current league (295, 18.4 per game) with the bad luck the game had. He drives Mateu Lahoz, one of the most permissive braids. In this classification of fouls committed, the pucelanos are the eleventh, with 212, with an average of 13.2 per game.