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REAL VALLADOLID Mendilibar's Pucela didn't score in 711 minutes – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Valladolid have already racked up five consecutive unmarked games, 450 minutes, a figure that surpasses any bad series of a team this season. Alaves, Mallorca and Espanyol have played three unmarked matches this season, but none have reached four, let alone five. Interestingly, last season, no First team played five unmarked matches. The sets that had the most games without seeing a door in 2018-19 were Celta and Real Valladolid, who repeated the “action” twice, reinforcing the idea that the lack of goal is reaching the people of the season. Finally, as evidenced by It is also the team with the least goals in the category.

Historically, it should be noted that in recent seasons there have been teams that have added five unmarked matches. In fact, in the 2015/16 campaign, Getafe, Betis and Malaga were up to six unmarked matches, and only Madrid fell. In the 2017/18 season, Alavés and Deportivo chained five games without seeing the door and A Coruña descended.

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

However, if there is a negative sequence in recent seasons that, at the top, has a whitish color, is that of the 2008/09 season with José Luis Mendilibar, when they haven't won any of the last 11 games. to add a total of 711 minutes. On the 28th, Real Valladolid crashed at Sevilla Stadium (4-1) and scored in the 22nd minute of Goitom as it was the start of a desert road. Due to the remaining 68 minutes of this game, the pucelanos added the matches against Barça (0-1), Real Madrid (2-0), Villarreal (0-0), Mallorca (2-0), Osasuna (0-0), Deportivo (1-0) and Numancia (0-0) didn't score and had to wait until 13 minutes for Racing-Valladolid for Victor to score again on the last day with a 3-2 result that complicated the match. life to the pucelans who were saved on the last day in Villamarín. In total, it was 711 minutes without being able to celebrate a goal.