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REAL VALLADOLID Olivas: "Not fitting is one of the team bases" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


For Real Valladolid fans, the best player of November was Kiko Olivas and, therefore, yesterday received the trophy that accredits him. The central explained what it meant to receive this trophy for the first time: "It is a reinforcement of the work being done. I'm very happy, very proud, but this is everyone's job, because individualities come when the team works. " and he wanted to emphasize that "I do my job, I am always at the foot of the canyon, I tried to do everything in my hand and it is a pride to talk well with colleagues, because that means I am doing things well too. I help them with everything what I can. Last year it was Calero, this is Sali and I'm really happy. "

In the matter of the team having two games without fitting, the Andalusian explained that "it's a job for everyone, I think my colleagues are doing theirs". Not setting goals is a cornerstone of the team, what we have to do to stay on First and the goals will come. "

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

When talking about the meeting before the On Sunday, Getafe explained that "they also base their game on defense well. Getting together and then letting the attackers do their work, they have people upstairs who are very decisive "and added that"it will be a very close match, the most successful one will have the match because it's very defensive, but so do we " and we analyze that "Getafe is a very intense team, it reaches the limit in each play, but we are also an intense team".

The central said, laughing, that the two games that would end the year would sign "earn all six points. It always seems that in home games you get more excited, but let's go to Getafe with all the illusion in the world. Last year we reached a point and we were able to get more "and about team performance so far," he said: "I think we are performing well, with identity signs, we are generating occasions, they do not score goals. I think we're on a very good line "and ended up stating that "I think this year's feelings are better, even than last year "to conclude by saying," I think we need to have peace of mind. "