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REAL VALLADOLID Óscar Puente: "The grounds of the sports city will be around spring" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Real Valladolid project advances and Oscar bridge, mayor of the city, is no stranger to her. Instead: conversations with Ronaldo are "fluid". They have to be for the common good, and this is understood by the councilman, despite the controversy that took place months ago over negotiations over the purchase of the stadium.

It is not bad that, for good, this does not happen, he even said in other words Bridge at the AS and SER meeting in Bodegas Arzuaga, since relations were channeled later, which served to channel the various topics of the table that share City Hall and club, as the new sports city.

As Puente acknowledged, the intention is that "around spring" the lands of Pinar de Jalón will be available to Real Valladolid start work, which will be developed in two phases. The idea valued by the entity Blanquivioleta is to start the construction of its new fields before the summer. The project is destroyed and denotes seriousness, in the mayor's opinion. "It is in line with the quarry club that they want to be and apply the scientific methodology in their development," he explained.

The land has an area of ​​30 hectares and, after the club has diligently delivered all the documents requested by the Consistory, that everything moves forward is a mere "bureaucratic" questionThen there were rumors that other locations could host the new facilities. This is not the case because it is not a "speculative" operation. Oscar Puente sees Ronaldo focused "on his son," and that's how he named his project at Real Valladolid.

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

The stadium will cost about 20 million

Real Valladolid's urban needs, reported by this newspaper on October 24, remain the same, although progress has been made. So, for example, there is harmony in negotiation for the purchase of the stadium, although at first "the City Council did not plan to include land" due to an already resolved settlement regarding the property.

Once known to belong to him, he participated in the negotiations, as was Ronaldo's wish, and in the coming days he will move. new infrastructure and land assessment, which will be around 20 million. If a few months ago there was a cross-over of statements due to the construction appraisal, the understanding now seems greater: the club knows firsthand that the coach's appraisal will be close to that value and will think about it.

Óscar Puente understands that the intentions related to this purchase are part of "medium term project you want to develop, making the team grow, "something that also benefits the city. In parallel, and regardless of whether the acquisition is completed or not, he knows that there are actions that must be performed: "Some have already been done, such as the removal of the well, which was done seriously and within the deadlines they set and were in charge of the club, the covers were painted, the bathrooms were repaired …"

Another of the working horses is in the access and surroundings of the stadium, which will be improved soon. Thus, it is anticipated that in the coming months a preliminary draft of a green initiative containing European funds and improving the southwest area, which is "in a pitiful state", will be carried out, as the mayor recently verified first hand.

In your opinion, the stadium is "a city showcase", as fans everywhere visit him often, the measure would improve Zorrilla's face. In that same line will & # 39; The Embrace of Illusion & # 39;, a tribute to the hobbies that will be installed in 2020 outside southern Grada.

& # 39; Real Brand Valladolid & # 39; … and & # 39; Valladolid brand & # 39;

Ronaldo's presence in Valladolid is noted in the promotion of the Real Valladolid brandbut also in external projection of the city. As Oscar Puente recalled, the size of the president's figure allows "Valladolid's name to be known in places where it would not otherwise be possible." Thus, he related a personal experience in Paris, in which he was identified as coming from the same place where Ronaldo's team plays.

The City Council has commissioned a scientific study, the results of which will soon be known, and which will make it possible to know to what extent this problem has impact, the mayor acknowledged. What is clear is that "the seriousness of the team" and "the good work they are doing" indicate that there will be Ronaldo for a while. "I look forward to it and want to get involved"Oscar Cercioró has confirmed that he feels that each time the president feels "more comfortable" in the city.