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REAL VALLADOLID Pucela's costume shows her discomfort with the grass – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Valladolid added a new draw against Real Sociedad in a match that showed "ambition" but faced a rival "with great players". This is perceived Michael, who valued the argument as "important" after having had occasions, but not as "that little luck" needed to win.

In his opinion, "the important thing is that the odds are", so he believes that "the good sequence will go into the ball". This is also considered Pablo Hervías, who does not hide that the team is having difficulty scoring goals, although he has listed the various clear chances he had, such as his missing shot or Sergi Guardiola.

"We always want to win, but the point is good. I don't think there's anxiety, the goal will come," said La Rioja, who asked to see the glass "half full", especially considering the quality of the Royal Society. "You have to take it easy and think about Getafe," said Hervías, who He didn't want to use the state of the lawn as an excuse.

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

"I prefer not to comment," he said assertively. Míchel, however, did not hide that, in his opinion, "the conditions are not good", a circumstance in which Sergio acknowledged that commented on the break in the locker room. The discomfort, therefore, continues after the tapestry has not taken root well within three months of its installation and after the nine games played (seven League games, the Valladolid City Trophy and one of the Promises).

Confidence in the set ball

Hervías has scored the goal in a direct foul at the end of the first semester, with which he again demonstrated his ability in this type of action. "I am very confident; I hit him very well, but I lost inches. I think it is better to hit from far than close and I feel that I can score from any distance, but I also don't want to get people used to it badly," the final said. action