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REAL VALLADOLID Ronaldo gains power: made with 72.7% Valladolid – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Ronaldo gains power at Real Valladolid. According to the media specializing in economics and sports, Box23, the agent made a major stock purchase, which reinforces his agent's maximum agent status. The legendary Brazilian striker already controls 72.7%, against 51% in his possession in 2018.

Apparently Ronaldo made the purchase in the first half of 2018, since last year's accounts appeared with the previous distribution. In increasing the power of the current president conceals a decrease in the actions of the honorary president, Carlos Suarezand your wife, Marta Urgoiti, which have 10% on credit, against 16.02% accumulated in December last year.

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

The Ruiz de Alda family, which also had an important share package equivalent to 10.66% and always according to Palco's information23, He chose to sell his club membership after being in the First Division. Sergio's team. The family Munoz, with 9.1% of titles, remains in the organization chart of the entity; the same as Southern Utopia, with 4.99%.

Ronaldo heals the bills

Valladolid's president decided to close part of the debt with the Tax Agency. Thanks to television receipts, the club was able to get in enough to recover their bills. Nearly nine million euros will be paid soon, which means financial stability for the entity, regardless of what happens in the sports field. Regardless of, You still have to pay subordinated debt of € 1.65m and ordinary debt of the same amount plus five annuities of 715,000 euros.

As reported by Palco23, the ordinary will be settled in five years, while the subordinate will be liquidated in season 2032-33. Anyway, the oxygen obtained by Ronaldo facilitates the investment in stadium and sports city, estimated at 35 million euros. Meanwhile, Valladolid continues to negotiate with the City Council to appropriate its facilities.