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Real Zaragoza | Javi Puado: "I hope my ceiling is very high" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


"What feelings did the game of Riazor leave?"

– Regardless of Deportivo's position, it was a very complicated game. They have very good players and also need to score points to get into a dynamic that changes things there. It is true that we played a good game and got the win. Now we are thinking of the weekend game, which may be similar to Riazor's, although we play at home and the important thing, as last week, is to win.


– How important is it to make La Romareda a fort for the rest of the season?

– It's clear that we need to get stronger in La Romareda because we have the support of our fans and home games can get a little more complicated and you may not have that much confidence. We should try to make sure that at home is always a positive match in which we win all three points and from there we face home meetings in the same way. It's true that the match against Girona cost us a little more at first, but the fans helped us a lot to grow and keep up with the match. We lost all three points, but this is the dynamic we should take home.

– How do they face the game against Racing?

– As in all games, we have the illusion of adding the three points. Every week we work the same way to do it the best way we can and achieve victory. All matches are important and all count. It is true that a win against Racing, with the momentum we have, would continue to put us there in the playoff positions, but in the end all matches are important, from first to last.

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– They have two league games before Christmas break. Do you also think about derby against Huesca or just focus on Racing?

– We just think about this week's game and we got all three points. To reach them, we would face the next match with even more positive momentum, but most importantly this week and until the game is over, we should focus on Racing and then talk about Huesca.

– At the individual level, he has two goals in three games. Is happy?

"I'm very happy since I arrived and it's true that I started off on the right foot." The important thing is the victories that the team achieves and keep increasing and at the end of the season we approach the goal.

"Did you expect to adapt so soon?"

– I consider myself a person who can adapt to all areas and had no difficulty adapting as much to my classmates as to the city or club. I expected to do it as soon as possible and in this case it happened quickly. I am very happy to help the club and my teammates, as well as me.

"Where is the roof of Javi Puado?"

"I hope it's so loud." In the end, what a player wants is to grow each day, to be better, to help the team, and all goes well. It is true that a player also depends on the team and that everything goes well will also help me grow.

From the outside, he gives the impression that he understands very well with Luis Suarez. And so?

– I have the ease of associating myself with all players of the team and Luis Suarez, having him close and being both strikers, I understand very well, but I consider that, with extremes or with the means, we have a very good complicity. In the end, I'm here to help you, to help you and for the whole team to grow.

– In Riazor finally arrived the first goal of the set-piece of the season. Can you be the first of many?

– In the training we work and what we want is that the higher we score, the better. There are also defenses that do very well, but the first one has come, and hopefully the first of many.

– The team has overcome many setbacks this season. Did you notice the mental strength of the group?

Yes. During the season there are injuries and casualties that the team must know how to overcome. We are doing it. In front of Deportivo Guti could not be, but we also did very well. Any player who replaces a teammate does as well or better. Football is teamwork and we must all be connected so that when you have to go out on the field you can do it in the best way possible and help the team, which is important.