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Real Zaragoza Lapetra: "The sentence reveals who attacked Zaragoza" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


“The judge was very clear in acquitting Real Zaragoza and condemning two former directors, not for sporting corruption but for a crime of falsehood in a private document. I am not in favor of replying and I refer to the sentence. The judge's wording reveals who attacked the club. This was stated by Christian Lapetra, representative president of Real Zaragoza, when, after the General Assembly of Shareholders of the sports corporation, he was questioned about the words of Javier Tebas, as soon as the sentence is known by the case Real Zaragoza & # 39; & # 39; ("I'm not disappointed; something strange happened in this match").

Zaragoza Royal Coat of Arms / Flag

Lapetra also pointed to the possibility of taking legal action against those who tried against the interests of Real Zaragoza: “The judge says there is no foundation. The club, in turn, after studying the judgment, if the legal services consider it, will take appropriate action with the club's interests in mind. The club's image was defamed and placed on the floor. We would like those who used the club to their detriment and, by doing so, had at least the courage or need to compensate us. "

The president also referred during the press conference to the entity's economic situation, despite bringing benefits for the fifth consecutive season: “Real Zaragoza is still stuck with pins and while the team is in Second will continue to be forced to resort to the sale. players in search of extraordinary revenue to face debt repayment. Turnover increases with television revenues and other means such as sponsorships, but the accumulated benefits are not sufficient to meet this debt within the set deadlines, and in the Second, we are always required to generate extraordinary income that is usually produced at from the sale of players. "

The accounts, unanimously approved

Real Zaragoza's accounts for 2018-19 were unanimously approved, with 91.4% of the share capital represented, during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held at the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The pre-tax surplus is 1,287 million euros, leaving the net debt at 79.6 million.