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Real Zaragoza | "The match against Deportivo will demand the best" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


– how are the players? Something new?

"Compared to last week, we recovered James." It is the positive note and the others follow their recovery process, which will be quite long. I mean Zapater, Cristian Alvarez, Vigaray and Atienza. There is no news about them and we retrieved James, who did the whole week perfectly. It is much improved. It may not be 100% after two weeks, but it is to compete with maximum guarantees.

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"Do you expect any injuries before 2020?"

"I see it complicated." I don't rule it out, but I'm not optimistic. This lack of optimism is not at odds with its evolution within normal parameters. This is what was planned and planned and there are no serious setbacks. This is not the case, but I do not see clearly that we can recover any of them before 2020.

– Deportivo is a colista and has not won since day one, but perhaps the first mistake is to trust?

– When you face an opponent, I usually don't look at the leaderboard. Obviously I know that he occupies last place at the moment, but it is not something that I pay attention to to prepare the game one way or another. In this case, we do not play against the latter, we play against Deportivo. And when you play against Deportivo, it means that it is a team with aspirations and possibilities that have nothing to do with the current moment, absolutely delicate and negative. No one expected this. If we are already preparing for a match, we don't think about qualifying, much less now. We must face the game on a permanent alert and very focused on work. We know that they are very impressed and pressured by the rating and that there is a lot of demand from their fans because it is great that they should return to First as well, but the party will demand the best of us and we can absolutely not grant anything. We must play at our best, with the sensations we have shown in recent days, be ambitious and seek victory.

– What worries you most about Deportivo?

– It is a team created to climb and is in a situation unknown to them. They look very low with many doubts, but I am aware that they have improved in recent days. Now they have two games in which they were much stronger defensively. So many goals no longer fit and this is the first step to grow. I hope a Deportivo will pursue victory with a lot of determination because their hobby is a demanding hobby and they are not where they dreamed they could be at the beginning of the season. It is a team that is badly hurt and badly hit, but has football equipment to go out. That is why I say that we do not play against the latter, but against Deportivo. There are important players who will demand the best and we cannot go with any kind of confidence or relaxation. On the contrary: eyes wide open, very alive, very involved in the game from the start, without fear and ambition.

Can one of the keys be to play with Deportivo's doubts and anxiety?

Of course, a team that is in this situation, if the development of the game is not going well, the nervous system is triggered and produces a block, an overload and anguish that do not allow their best qualities to stand out. Football is head and legs, and in this sense results and humor play a lot. We arrived very well in spirit and confidence, offering better feelings than the last result, but I am very happy with the match we played against Girona. Let's see if we're able to transfer you as a visitor, which won't be easy.

"Personally, what does it mean to return to Riazor?"

– I was Deportivo's coach and I feel pain and sadness because of the situation he is going through, because it is a big team with a very large social mass. It's a club that doesn't belong in this category, like Real Zaragoza, and I left a lot of friends and even one of the current players I managed to manage. For me, it's a situation I don't want, but I'm a swarm and I'm a Real Zaragoza coach, so I have no doubt that what I want is to win, as are all rivals. And once we win the game, this Deportivo does very well because it deserves to do much better.

"Have you decided who will replace Guti's license?"

“I'm clear who I'm going to play with and how we're going to play. Within our mishaps, I believe there are now better-looking players with better and better performance on the pitch, and for me it's much better. I hope everything goes well. Knowing that we face a game of maximum demand, the loss of Guti is important. Let's not underestimate the value this football player has for us, who have taken a qualitative leap this extraordinary season. He has a very high flight, is performing well and is giving us football, attitude and travel, but we do not have it and we must think that his replacement will not do the same as him, because he does not have the same characteristics. It will have other virtues that we will have to leverage to function well as a team.

"Do Sororo, Puado, and Alex Blanco have options to repeat behind Luis Suarez?"

– I said before that there are now players who have made a leap that they haven't done before and that we have more variants and alternatives. The other day, we knew we had to risk a lot against Girona and we had to win a lot of energy, and these boys gave him that energy and that speed. Maybe on Sunday we need other solutions or the same thing. They are prepared and the important thing is that we can choose between experience, greater control or greater verticality, depending on the party and the rival. I'm glad the young people make that leap and get James back.

"Could there be any change in the center of the defense?"

– There can always be changes, but neither should we associate our switchboards with the profile and characteristics of the rival striker or the match profile whether you play as a local or as a visitor. True, they are important nuances, but it is not a fixed rule. Any center of ours is qualified to mark any rival and any other center has shown that it can act as a local and a visitor. I have to evaluate these nuances, the momentum of shape, the mood, how they trained during the week … It has been shown that with any pair of plants we have won and lost, there is no fixed rule.