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Real Zaragoza | "We show maturity, especially after failing the penalty" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


"Did he fear for victory with 1-2?"

– We had to be a team with maturity and intelligence to play a game surrounded by very complicated emotional circumstances for a Deportivo with good players and a pushing hobby. We knew we were going through some tough times, but we were superior for most of the game. It was logical that they would try to react. Maybe we were overly relaxed in the first minutes of the second half because they pushed us harder and we lost the ball orientation. These were difficult times, but we showed maturity, especially after failing a penalty. Far from collapsing, the team had patience, went looking for the third goal and succeeded.

Zaragoza Royal Coat of Arms / Flag

– What value does this triumph give?

"It has a lot of merit." It sounds simple because you play against the latter, but be careful: you play against Deportivo, which has players and can at any moment deal a blow that throws him on the screen. We showed maturity, we had very good football phases, we were frank in our brightest moments, we stand on our own and we are a brave and determined team. I am very proud of my team and congratulate you.

– The team will arrive alive in January. Do you feel proud of this model after all the setbacks that have arisen?

– We are the youngest team in the class by far and this creates a healthy and uncontaminated environment. We have many goals, but there we are fighting. Even at the worst parties, we are identified with a style and are alive until January. I also don't know what will happen in January and whether we can strengthen the team or not, but I see that in every game there are more people who are incorporated in terms of positive benefits and we should keep moving forward. We are always in the top six and see what happens, because there are actually very important teams.

"Do you feel any disappointment over James's game?"

No To me he played a good game and I say how I feel. He did a very good first part, on the level of others. During the break, the quadriceps area hardened and I told him that Lasure would go away and that he lasted ten minutes without risk because he didn't want me to relapse. Therefore, we do not associate the change with that time when we lost some balls to this sector or that the goal of Deportivo came to this sector. We will not associate change with performance. His leg was too heavy, he didn't want to risk it and that's why Lasure was already warming up.

– What do you think of the serum level in recent matches?

"He played very well." People who saw him from the podium also told me that he played a very good game. He needed to take a step forward in football and performance. He is one of the players who was far from the level to which a football player of his worth and ability should contribute. He already has two or three games that is giving us a very good level, is growing, feels confident and hit the ball very well.

"And Javi Puado?"

– It's tremendous: attitude, speed, control, a permanent help for Luis Suarez, he has a goal, is hungry, is a very good boy, entered the locker room … A great success for his incorporation on human and football level. And he also scores goals, so fantastic.

"Do you find any explanation for missed penalties?"

“We shouldn't be obsessed with this problem either, because if we don't, we won't have any. The next will be safe. The two nominees were Javi Ros and Luis Suarez, who felt confident. He played and the goalkeeper also plays. I hope we will not spend too much money in the future, because these are very clear occasions.