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Respect and prudence in Real with the modest Becerril – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Respect and prudence in Real with the modest Becerril

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The Royal Society has very cautiously and respectfully received the result of the Copa del Rey first round draw. He was fortunate enough to play at the home of the modest Becerril Sports Club, a Group VIII team from the Third Division. of a city that does not reach 800 inhabitants. The theory goes that Donostiarras should move on to the next round, winning the game he is to play on Mariano Haro's soccer field on December 18. But in the entity san sebastian they don't trust, and will travel to the Castilian-Leonese city with the fly behind his ear, aware that they have in the past suffered very painful and embarrassing playoffs against other lower-class rivals.

This sense of prudence contrasts with the overflowing joy of Becerril players who know the match against the Royal Society. Everyone followed the draw together and exploded with happiness when the name of the entity txuri-urdin left, because Real is a club that generates a lot of sympathy for this land, and this small town of almost 800 inhabitants will be visited by a National Historic Club of football, one of the few who managed to win the league. The Castilian city of La Mancha will dump its players on December 18, creating a festive atmosphere. in which the Real must fight to avoid reliving moments of sad memories of the past.

Because Now that the Becerril crossing is over, the playoffs against Zamora, Hospitalet, Beasain, Numancia or more recently against Lleida are back on the scene.. In all qualifiers against teams that were at that time in Second B or Third. Real's history is full of strong failures at the Copa del Rey, disappointing eliminations against teams that were in more modest categories than the Realist club. Of course, this gives Becerril wings and allows him to dream of continuing this tradition of dubious honor in the recent history of the World Cup for royalists. Although in San Sebastián, they understand that this tie can be a good possibility of redemption what happened in the past, and why they want to remember the example of the last Real Cup champion in 1987 when he won his first draw against modest Montijo in his field.