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RFEF approves its code of ethics and compliance code – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) today approved in its Delegated Commission the new Code of Ethics and the Code of Compliance with obligations that guarantee the good management of this entity and exemplary conduct

13/12/2019 at 14:13


Ramon Fuentes

In the case of the Code of Ethics, it must be complied with by the members of governing bodies, referees, directors and delegates of the clubs, coaches or any medical, technical or administrative responsible of the Federation, the regional and territorial federations, the leagues, the affiliated clubs and all those obliged to comply with the statutes of the RFEF. With regard to the Code of Compliance, they shall apply to persons who have a direct or indirect relationship with the Federation, whether contractual, professional or other modalities.

Non-compliance with the Code of Ethics may be punished with up to 100,000 euros, in addition to disabling land activities related to federated football for 5 years. The Ethics Section of the Judicial Committee will be empowered to investigate and judge conduct that may be inappropriate.

In this way, the Code reflects the duty of neutrality, in its relations with governments, organizations, associations and groups; the duty to maintain loyalty and confidentiality. Persons should also report any violations they are aware of and cooperate with the ethics section of the Committee. They may not exercise their duties where there is a conflict of interest, or accept or offer benefits or gifts that are not symbolic or irrelevant.

Non-defamation and non-discrimination are fundamental parts of this Code, which seeks the protection of integrity, both physical and mental. In this sense, it is reflected that access to flag stadiums, banners or other objects that incite hatred, denie or are humiliating to individuals or institutions will not be permitted.

Obviously, it includes the prohibition of harassment, forgery of documents, abuse of charge, involvement in betting, gambling or similar activities, bribery, corruption and misappropriation of funds, rigging of matches or competitions, with their corresponding penalties.

Regarding the Code of Compliance, this is a reference guide, a pillar that vertebrates the ethical principles and values that guide the action of the RFEF and the people and entities that collaborate with it. Between principles and values, transparency, accountability, respect and integrity and ethical behavior.

Compliance with current legislation and domestic regulations are an obligation, as is a strong commitment to human rights and the values necessary to develop professional functions and coexistence in the RFEF. Among them, the rejection of high-rise and incitement to hatred and violence or harassment in all its manifestations. Environmental protection, intellectual property protection or the obligation to report and assist in investigations in the field of negative compliance are also taken into account.