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RFEF considered playing the women’s Super Cup in Saudi Arabia – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


On November 12th the RFEF through its president Luis Rubiales made it official that the new Spanish Super Cup was to be played for the next three years in Saudi Arabia. On the same day she confirmed that women would have free access to the stadiums in Yedai where the two semi-finals and the final of the tournament that will be played by Valencia, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are scheduled to be played. Not only that, that there will be no exclusive area for female audiences and they will be able to mix seamlessly with the male.

19/12/2019 at 14:05


Ramon Fuentes

Already that day Luis Rubiales argued this decision to take this tournament to the Saudi country as a attempt to make football a tool of change and transformation of society, and not as a block. The agreement also includes the creation of a women’s tournament in Saudi Arabia by RFEF itself.

But there’s more because, as SPORT has known, the RFEF was seriously shuffling to also bring the women’s Super Cup tournament and even the Queen’s Cup final to Saudi country. The first one just made the dates official just a few days ago. She will be in the second week of February, also in Final Four format the same day 9 will be the dispute of the grand final of this tournament that will be played by the champions of Copa (Real Sociedad) and la Liga (Atlético de Madrid) in addition to Barcelona and Levante as third and fourth in the league classification. In the case of the Queen’s Cup will be on May 31 when the tournament final is held.

The project to bring Spanish women’s football there included the same conditions as men’s. That is, the woman had free access to the stadiums. Moreover, since the RFEF consider that bringing a women’s tournament to the Saudi country would be a very important step in the pursuit of future equality.

However the Federation ended up ruling out this option in the face of possible statements in the previous days of footballers who play the tournament in which they hard attack the Saudi country for the role of women. Not only because of the words that would clearly make your stay in the country uncomfortable in addition to its global impact, but also possible retaliation swirlating that could come from the Saudi country itself.