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RFEF points out that the safety of the Classic corresponds to the Police and Barcelona – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Federation (RFEF) holds the classic at Camp Nou next Wednesday. Luis Rubiales chaired a meeting attended by Ana Muñoz, Head of Integrity, Carlos Velasco Carballo, President of the Referees, and Alfredo Lorenzo, Chief of Police and Security of RFEF, among others. The institution has issued a statement in which it reminds that it has no security skills. (correspondent to security forces outside Camp Nou and Barcelona inside their stadium), that he has not received contrary orders from the Police, that, therefore, the match will be played on the day and time indicated and that the referee has the power to apply the regulation if there is an invasion of the field.

Article 42.3 of the RFEF Statute reads as follows: "Regardless of the exercise of specific disciplinary powers of such federative bodies, they correspond to the RFEF, either alone or through the body to which it delegates (the Competition Committee).) , the following competences: Suspend, advance or delay mail and determine the date and, where appropriate, the place where, for regulatory reasons, force majeure, or disposition of the competent authority, cannot be celebrated on the day set on the official calendar or at the sports facilities themselves, "but federal sources told this newspaper that"Article 42.3 "does not apply unless the Police requests in writing alleging security reasons or possible serious public disturbances."

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* Data updated on December 11, 2019

RFEF is not tagged with everything that happens outside or inside the stadium, except what happens on the field of play. If there is a field invasion, Velasco Carballo recalled that it would be the power of the designated collegiate, Hernández Hernández, to suspend the meeting by applying Article 5 of the Rules., and then it would be the Competition Committee that should correct the consequences of this suspension. In this sense, the RFEF Statutes also include the measures to be taken. In this case, relocating on reboot is also an option: "It is also up to the Federation (the referees or the Competition Committee) to decide whether to hold a meeting that is concluded, interrupted or not, when any circumstance prevents its normal termination and, if it agrees to its continuation or re-celebration, will or will not be on neutral ground and, in both cases, behind closed doors or with possible public access. "

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* Data updated on December 11, 2019

With regard to the December 18 Camp Nou match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, RFEF states that, just as in all official competition meetings and being a public show, there is no competition. safety.

RFEF will apply the regulations in force before and during and after the game if there are situations of force majeure or circumstances in which the application of sports discipline is required.

Similarly, as usual, RFEF is in contact with security forces to coordinate the arrival of the arbitration team at Camp Nou facilities in accordance with established protocols.