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RFEF withdraws all reforms of statutes, regulations and disseclic – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The CSD has issued a note this Friday showing the adoption of the statutory and regulatory reforms of various federations, but none of those relating to football appear.

20/12/2019 at 18:29


Ramon Fuentes

The RFEF, as we have been telling you in SPORT, approved reforms of Statutes, Regulations and Disciplinary Code at the General Assembly on 10 July. Amendments submitted by RFEF itself at the end of July and the beginning of the CSD.

As SPORT has known, the fact that they were not on the agenda is because the RFEF has withdrawn all the reforms adopted in that Assembly because all the reports drawn up by the EDB in this regard were not favourable to them. It should be recalled that, specifically the Statutes, included proposals in the audiovisual, commercial control of competitions that already in the time provoked complaints of LaLiga, the LNFS and Proliga, among others. The latter even requested a meeting with the CSD.

Only one proposal of those approved on 10 June has been maintained. And it goes through the natural members that the RFEF wanted to include in its General Assembly. Initially there were 19 but after the reports of the CSD itself, and as Luis Rubiales acknowledged in last week’s Assembly, they have been reduced to five. The RFEF requested the CSD on Friday to approve but, when it arrived out of time and not be on the agenda, it has not been approved and will have to wait for the next meeting of the governing body of the Higher Sports Council. All of this explains why the CSD note reads as follows:

“The Board of Directors of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) agreed at its meeting today to amend the following Regulations: the Regulations on Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities, the General Regulations of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation and the Spanish Rugby Federation;  the Licensing Regulations of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, the Disciplinary Regulations of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation and the Spanish Basketball Federation; the General And Competition Regulations of the Spanish Basketball Federation; and the General Competition Regulations of the Royal Spanish Federation of ColumbianS.

The amendment to the statutes of the Spanish transgaming.orgs federations of Basketball, People with Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Damage and Volleyball. Regarding professional leagues, the amendment of the Statutes and the General Regulations of the National Professional Football League and the Competition Regulations of the Association of Basketball Clubs has been approved.

Registration has also been approved in the Register of Sports Associations of the CSD of the Basquet Coruña Club, the Alcarreño Sports Group and the Cordobesa Football Union”.