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RFEF’s historic budget: 316 million by 2020 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Last Wednesday we brought you ahead in SPORT the historical budget that the RFEF plans to present this Monday in its General Assembly of 316 million euros. Budget that already obtained the support at last Friday’s meeting at a date where two territorials, two professional clubs and coach Julen Lopetegui were absent.


Act. 17/12/2019 at 10:18 A.m.

Ramon Fuentes

Well, from SPORT we can detail you the numbers of the historic budget What increase by 98 million compared to 2019. The most striking growth comes from the participation in competitions and other rights to transgaming.orging activities, from nearly 26 million this year (25,692) to 73 million (73,300). The second major game comes from the sponsors, where this year has entered nearly 30 million (29,4484) 40 million (40,403).

The third big game comes from the arbitrations of the League and other international, amounting to 10 million of the 20 of this 2019 (20,700) 30 million 2020 (30,386).


In this exclusive analysis of RFEF numbers are also the broadcasting rights, from 42 million (42,430) to 50 (50,535). audiovisual subject matter, the RFEF budgets for the imminent 2020 also include 1% of the total television revenue collected by the Royal Decree in Article 6 (15,628,000 euros) and those from the Rights of Copa, according to the Royal Decree of Centralized Sale, and where it is reduced from almost 38 million in 2019 when the League (37,893) was exploited 22 million by exploiting them directly by the RFEF (22,140). The audiovisual plot ends with the Canon offered from the Copa del Rey final where it ascends to 1 million.

Then there’s the plot of marketing and merchandaising. In addition to sponsor revenue, the RFEF includes a game of this area, image rights and advertising, where the amount doubles. From the current million and a half (1,560) to two and a half million (2,480). Where it declines is the number of sponsors of referees, from the current 600,000 euros to 432.500 2020.

Another important section is the the revenue that the RFEF provides from international agencies. So they are in the ‘UEFA HATTRICK’ programme where it goes from 2,400,000 in 2019 to the 3.470.000 2020. Then there are the UEFA payments for youth football development that will mean 12 million euros that it did not receive so far (12,300,000). The third game comes from the 4,215,000 euros for being Bilbao headquarters of the Euro, as we advanced on Thursday in SPORT. Then there’s the program ‘FIFA FORWARD’ where in 2020 they plan to enter 870.000 Euros, almost two and a half million less than budgeted this year (3,120,000 euros).


The new coordination agreement with the league signed last June allows it to double revenues from the current 8 million (8,173) to nearly 17 million (16.896).

The arbitration revenue represent a specific section as well. In addition to those of the League and internationals mentioned above, there are those planned for women’s football that will contribute 356,235 euros so far non-existent. It is very striking the brutal increase in the plot of the LNFS where it moves from the current 700,000 to EUR 2,422,256. This change seems to be explained in the open conflict between the RFEF and the futsal league. Finally, there is the income of the arbitration in Second B where they are virtually non-varied and remain in the 2,150,000 euros.

For the women’s football, pending its collective agreement, there are two items planned for 2020. On the one hand the women’s universe program Iberdrola, where they will move from the current million to the a million and a half next year. And on the other hand there are the social protection aids where the seven million.

The plot of federative licences will continue to contribute 7 and a half million euros; whereas the share of clubs and entities it also remains in the 750,000 euros. As far as box office revenue forecast ingessing an increase of 4 million, from the current 7 million (7,440) to 11 2020 (11,500). By transgaming.orgs equipment they also envisage a increase of more than one million euros (1,531) in a game where they did not receive any amount until now. The Sanctions will continue to assume almost two million euros (1,800) and activities in facilities, museums and shop about 606,000 euros.

Budgets are completed with the financial income where 5 million are expected to be reduced (from the current 15 to 10 2020), together with the CTA revenue also halved (from 1,365,000 euros to 868.460) and those from the Coaches they barely vary with an increase of less than one hundred thousand euros (4.275.600).

By 2020, the RFEF does not plan to receive one million euros from the CSD grant while the federal treasury will continue to allocate 565,000 euros in the grants passed.


In the section Expenses particularly striking is the increase in the selection’s concentrations and technical structure where the amounts are almost doubling from 38 million in 2019 to the 70 million 2020 (70,230,555). The same is done in the aids and expenditures in state-level competitions and non-professional clubs that goes 52 million next year versus 23 today.