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Ríos Reina: "We have to stay strong at home" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Ríos Reina: "We have to stay strong at home"

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La Deportiva continue their preparations for Saturday's match against Deportivo de La Coruña, where the Berciano team want to wrap up a five-game unbeaten run and close the year at El Toralín with a new victory against their fans. After the work session on Wednesday, left-back Ríos Reina went through the stadium press room to analyze the team's situation after the defeat in Gijón.

"You have to leave the past behind," the Sevillian began, "and focus on Saturday's most important game." Rios acknowledged that "we had a good start to the season and now we have the mattress there, but we keep working hard every day to get out of this bad race and get three points on Saturday."

If Ponferradina has a negative trait, Deportivo's is even worse, although the delicate situation of the Coruñeses does not make Cake's relaxes a bit in the face of this meeting: “A tough rival is coming. It is true that is the last classified, but we can not look at it, we have to leave as if it were a final and get the three points. Ríos Reina insisted that “we have always been strong at home and we have to keep it up. We are in El Toralín, in front of our fans, and the three points need to stay here. "

Ponferradina's Sevillian side abounded in his rival's critical situation, noting that “football is becoming increasingly competitive and in sight. There are well-named teams that are not where they should be and other newly promoted teams that are having an amazing season. In the end, football is eleven against eleven, and when you go out, the rest is the same, who competes best and who wins the most goals.

Rios also referred to the loss of Óscar Sielva, one of the fixes in the eleven Berciano so far, ensuring that “it is clear that he is an important player for us, but there are teammates who can provide it and certainly they will do the same. . that the ".

& # 39; Butt & # 39; Christmas dinner

After training on Wednesday, the Deportiva team, along with the club's coaching staff, managers and other workers, gathered at Canedo Palace to enjoy the traditional Christmas meal on the premises of the popular Prada A Tope.

Among the good wishes for these dates was to finish with good results a 2019 that will enter Ponferradina's history as the year of the fourth rise to the Second Division, but also, already facing 2020, to reach at least permanence in the silver category of football. Spanish.

The meal took place in a pleasant environment in which the team was summoned to end the year in El Toralín with a win against Deportivo, which ends with the series of negative results of the team in recent days.