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Robert Moreno: “If I hadn’t followed, Luis Enrique wouldn’t be a coach” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Robert Moreno: "If I hadn't followed, Luis Enrique wouldn't be a coach" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Robert Moreno, a former Spanish coach, spoke on Thursday at a ‘sui generis’ press conference, as he warned before it that he would not accept media questions, to respond to the accusation of disloyal with which Luis Enrique defined him. In the basement of a hotel in Barcelona’s L’Eixample, he offered his version of events with a cold press release that he read in a room full of journalists. Robert appeared with a smile on the edge of 6:30 p.m.

“I apologise for the haste with which the act has been called. It’s a very unpleasant time for me and not what I would have wanted. If I walked into a press conference, I’d reproach myself and say I wasn’t going to do it. I want to provide you with the necessary information after I was personally attacked and attacked as unfair. My pieces are missing from this puzzle.”

“First of all, thank you for the nine years I have been with Luis Enrique. Thank the staff and the players who have been thanking me in private. And above all thank the football people, who know how bad I am having it, that I’m here.”

“From the age of 14 I train, from the four to the national team. I’m very proud of the work I’m doing. Nine years ago I started my professional career with Luis Enrique. I went to Rome with him. We were faithful when he left Rome and, like him, we gave up our second year of contract because Louis was leaving. We went to Vigo then, successfully. Then came what everyone wants, a big one, the Barca. We started training Barca successfully. It was a wonderful four years. Luis said he was leaving and couldn’t guarantee that he would continue to train. Still, we went to his house and said we were willing to stop training. We went with Unzué for a year to Vigo and the opportunity to train the national team appeared. Last June 19, after the irrevocable resignation of Luis Enrique, Rubiales told me and my staff that I would be the coach. I didn’t say the OK until I had Luis Enrique’s OK through Joaquin. Through Joaquin, I asked him for permission.”

“It was my turn to step forward I did. And it doesn’t escape anyone that if I hadn’t followed, he wouldn’t be the coach. In a first meeting with Luis Enrique, he told me that he had done what he had to do and that he was proud of me. Then I asked him for a meeting to give him a hug and pass on my support. I thought it appropriate to tell him that, as I had said before, he would set aside if he decided to come back. And he said to me i think it’s perfect, but he told me he wasn’t counting on me anymore. I was in a state of shock. I let the staff know. I wondered what I had done wrong to know what I had done so as not to count on me.”

“From there we moved on to the first time I knew luis Enrique wanted to return to the national team. And I didn’t know, I re-inturated it in Cadiz after your questions. But still, I prepared with my staff for the game. When I sensed that he wants to return to the National Team, I show again that I am faithful and send him a message in which, knowing that my presence was not pleasant to Luis on his return, I sent a message to Molina to sit with them. To this day I don’t know why Luis Enrique doesn’t want me to be with him. I think he labeled me with two things that are ugly and I don’t have. I think the years will pass and I’ll go on without knowing it. I am the first one who is glad that Luis Enrique wants to return to training. And having said that, I want to move you, i continue with the career of the first coach and I want to lead a team, give talks. I’m really looking forward to it. My passion is being a coach. Someone who started very low. Little else Can I tell you.”