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Robert Moreno signs the end with the Spanish Football Federation – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Robert Moreno signs the end with the Spanish Football Federation - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Everything that can be fixed with money is right. That’s the only thing they agree on. Robert Moreno and the Federation (RFEF). The Catalan received half a million euros for 153 working days, but he had to sign a confidentiality clause and slow down his impulses.

The day was moved. It began with the news that Robert Moreno was preparing a statement to give his version of his dismissal. The RFEF was put on guard. Rubiales ordered to be alert for a retort, and even mobilized his assistants to offer new explanations on the visit he is scheduled to be scheduled to Malaga. But it wasn’t necessary. Once the program What’s your play! presenting Sique Rodriguez ser ser catalunya informed of Robert’s intention to give his version, the Federation’s lawyers ripped the confidentiality clause off Robert Moreno’s. “If there is a statement, it will be smooth,” federative sources later said.

In the end Moreno settled the matter with a check, a greeting to Luis Enrique, a feeling “bittersweet” and his desire not to “enter a spiral of reproach”.

Once his stage was closed, the Federation opened a new one. Luis Enrique will be presented on Wednesday in the ‘Luis Aragonés lounge’, in Las Rozas. But your contract won’t go into effect until January 1.Although his presence, together with Rubiales and Molina, in the Euro draw to be held on Saturday 30 in Bucharest is not ruled out. Luis Enrique’s bench debut will be in March, in the germany and the Netherlands.

The ex-selector’s statement

“After what has happened in recent days and following the agreement reached on Tuesday, November 19, I feel the need to make a statement to thank the support received during these months and say goodbye to the position of national coach.

In the face of an extreme situation like the one we live in Malta, it was my turn to take over the leadership of everyone’s team. The objective of the classification iedened has been achieved loosely. I wish this situation had never happened. Now we’d be equally classified.

Valuing the last hours in office or even the last few days would only serve to enter a spiral of reproach and justification for each of the parties. I’m not going to do it. I don’t see any point in it.

My conscience is clear. It’s impossible to please everyone, but I tell you sincerely that I respect everyone and all opinions. I have always maintained that I am a man of my word, that I would not be an impediment in the event that Luis Enrique decided to return to training. I’ve done it even if it was my way out. I wish you all the best because your joys will be ours.

Thank you to all the players for their dedication and dedication at all concentrations. I have tried to be fair, honest and direct with them. I wanted to help them develop their task in the field in the best possible way.

I would like to emphasize that it would not have been possible for me to carry out this task without Luis Enrique, Rafel, Joaquin and Jesus. I don’t lose a staff, what I leave behind are friends. Not to mention the assistants, very important people in a team and who are never sufficiently recognized.

I’ve felt people’s affection and I can only say thank you. Thank you to the hundreds of strangers who have come to cheer me up and congratulate me. I carry you forever in my heart.

I thank all the members of the Royal Spanish Football Federation for the treatment received during my stay in the absolute team. I’ve felt loved and respected.

And finally a special mention to the media because of the treatment you’ve given me at all times. You’ve been very insightful at all the press conferences. I have tried to be respectful of everyone and have tried to care for you without distinction and trying to be kind and sincere.

I hope you value me for what I’m accomplished for, not for who I am.. That’s what I’ve tried to do in the selection with the players in each call. I don’t want to stop apologising to anyone who was offended by not giving the last press conference. Circumstances prevented me.

My experience as an absolute selector began and has ended in the same way, with a bittersweet taste. It’s time to look forward and face new challenges as a coach in my passion, football. I am prepared to face the challenge of leading new projects.”