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Roig: “VAR? In Wanda we saw a penalty in favor of Osasuna " – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Once the 20-year-old EFE de Villarreal's graphic exhibition opens, when 20 years of images remain?

It is hard to stay. Maybe for the last. Pau's triumph in the national team; Riquelme's penalty, promotions, all of them. I think we made history for the good of the province, the Community and Spain. We made sense that soccer exists in a small population.

Villarreal Coat of Arms / Flag

Big win in Seville …

We have 22 points and for the first goal we have 20. What was seen in Valencia against Atlético and Seville is a good image. It is very difficult to win in the First Division and victory is helpful.

Is it mandatory to win Getafe?

Mandatory is always. They are in a sweet moment and will want to win, of course. But first we have to pass the Cup, which may seem like a procedure, but it never is. I ask the people who encourage and those in the corner, the songs to keep them.

Do you understand the VAR?

In order not to judge a Villarreal action, I think of the Atlético-Osasuna game, where it is clear that there is a penalty. But I read journalists in the capital who doubt when we all saw fines. On the second day and in Valencia-Villarreal, the criteria were different. Arbitrage is difficult but should be improved.

Wouldn't it be better to hear the conversation between the referee and the VAR?

Do not know. I think we have to improve. I do not know how. The play I tell about Wanda is clear and has not had much impact, and that's what bothers me. The VAR should have intervened and it would be good to explain why not. VAR is good, but needs to be improved. VAR benefits smaller teams more because it is fairer, but you need to improve.

Do you know anything about the subject of television rights?

Distribution is established by decree law. What needs to be done is the biggest cake for everyone. We can't be fighting for a little cake. Miami was an opportunity to open Spanish football worldwide and make the League more important. I don't know if we'll be late. Football fights between the RFEF and the League are not good. You need to add before dividing.

Is it good to complain about the VAR?

If the big ones complain, there will be more noise. When I complain, it doesn't happen. On Spanish television, for which we all pay, only Atletico's chances came when they played against Villarreal. I don't think they gave us the name.

Will there be movements in January?

This is not my job. It's a matter of the CEO. But I think we're fine.