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Ron Lopes and an idle adaptation in Seville – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Ron Lopes again had a few minutes to mark that Sevilla played against Apoel in the Europa League and his version of the game is still far from expectations of his arrival at Nervión last summer. The 25 million placed on the table to sign a contrast to its low prominence in the orders of Julen Lopetegui So far this course. Just add 13 minutes in turns on. "I want to start on this team, play and be important. Every day that goes by, I'm closer to that.", affected after your last attendance.


But the current scenario of his adaptation to Seville is not the desired one. Lopetegui has been absent from the weight of Nolito and Ocampos in recent days, two players in the band who theoretically compete with Ron Lopes for a spot on the team. Despite this, the Portuguese barely have options to be the substitute chosen in the League, since he has time in Europa League under a second context of unity. Also, his role on the field is closer than half a point than the player who signed brilliance afternoons for the band at Flirt 1. With almost no excess in its appearances, its physical level is far from that which needs a piece that is protagonist in this Lopetegui drawing.

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* Data updated on December 14, 2019

Sevilla do not have many options for the player to make a qualitative leap in the second part of the season. He played the first day of the French league before landing in Nervión and this prevents him from being military on a third European team from January, so the route of a task is almost ruled out. The club's intention is to continue adapting to the team's current physical pace and can be a more relevant part in the second round, when the competitive needs are even greater for the Sevilla team.