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Ros arrives in time to give the victory to Zaragoza in Gran Canaria – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Ros arrives in time to give the victory to Zaragoza in Gran Canaria - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

If matched they were in the watchtower of the standings, where they barely separated three points before the match, evened were on the turf Las Palmas And Zaragoza. In fact, except for the penalty he put in Ros, tied in everything: initial suproom, vigorousness in the second half, thrust with and without reason. It was a double win for the Aragonese outfit, who had already scored in the first round: 3-0. Eye at the average.

Perhaps because of the tactical anchoring, perhaps because of the overzealousness between the footballers of both teams, direct rivals in the coveted fight for promotion to First Division, the thing is that the first part was pure boredom. Two over-failed formations, vague in attack, with hardly any trouble in defence, perhaps in line with the tie, were compared. If they didn’t, they couldn’t disguise it any worse. In the middle of nowhere, a chut of Benedict in the 17th minute, who left away from the left stick of Alvarez, was the first shot of the game looking for goal.

Las Palmas made him work a lot to Pedri in defense, surely too much. The spider web that weaved around Zaragoza had no fissures, hence Victor’s tremendous anger the first time the pibe could face. With Araujo absolutely oblivious to the game, light years away from his best form, he was too alone. Kirian’s pundonor wasn’t enough either.

I was just Luis Suarez when, on the edge of rest, he wanted to face Valles before he Mantovani, vigorous duel, will cross your path. With seven minutes to go, it was the only moment in the first half in which the virginity of the local goal was in jeopardy.

Reaction. The two teams reacted, and in what way, after the break. In just ten minutes, Kirian failed 1-0 with everything in favour and Valles drew a hand by hand to Kagawa soon after.

Nor that it was another match, the pulsations were multiplied on both sides. Kirian and Pedri himself, tremendous recital of his in the second act, almost make the 1-0. The onslaughts and mourning were occurring, so he got enjoyed. EI who enjoyed the most was Ros, who came out to score the 0-1 penalty and the three points for Zaragoza. Just in time. Like heroes.


Alex Blanco (56′, Shinji Kagawa), Julian Delas (67′, Vigaray), Pekhart (75′, Benito Ramirez), Javi Ros (81′, Javi Puado), Pablo Haro (82′, Fabio Gonzalez)


Arbitrator: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Arbitro VAR: Aitor Gorostegui Fernández Ortega
Benito Ramirez (38′,Yellow) Aythami (80′,Yellow) Kirian Rodriguez (85′,Yellow