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Rubén Pérez: "Let's save ourselves, there is a good model" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Rubén Pérez I'll be back. He returned with all possible meanings. It is not only that the second Leganes captain has returned from his injury. He did the same as always, a basic piece of a team that, after beating Celta, breathes confidence and energy. You want to get off a descent where you are still angry, although you are no longer a colista. The next challenge: win a Alaves directed by Asier Garitano, the miracle cucumber's reference man and the coach who certainly performs best Rubén Pérez in his internship in the First Division.

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

Is it a different week?

-Actually yes. You see everything differently. You see that you can clearly win any team if we compete so far. We have a very important game against a rival that comes from two consecutive losses. Let's try to add.

Lacking confidence.

-Not. I do not believe. It is true that when the results do not arrive, you are in doubt …

So what was missing?

-Continuity in both areas. Now we have changed. We give little. In the set ball, it costs us, it's true. Let's see if we minimize it. But this is football and the set ball counts too.

-Mendizorroza is hard.

– Everything is difficult at first. Butarque has always been, for example, and some teams beat us without costing them much. In the end, we need not look at the rival, but at us.

– The tie signs tomorrow?

“Ties are also valuable in our situation. This month is essential until the end of the first round. It would not be bad to score away from home and add three to three.

-Mendizorroza Lega is not bad.

-It is true. Let's make a good game. We are defending ourselves well. I look strong, mentally qualified to compete, which is the most important thing.

And against Garitano, who is a friend.

"I was lucky to have you with me." I owe him a lot. It's not so much a friend because I won't eat with him, but I have a different appreciation for him. Certainly, when I retire, I will have a closer relationship.

-They will talk often …

– From time to time we write …

-The last time…

-He wrote me, for example, about the injury. To cheer me up. A detail

– Pure Garitanism

– I learned a lot from him. Tactically, it's very good. Makes players feel comfortable without the ball. He reads football very well. I like to keep the best of every coach and Asier is one of the best.

The most important of your career?

-It's complicated … let's see, I can say it's one of the first, but the first connection with Atletico's first team was with Aguirre, my debut was with Quique Sánchez Flores … but it's true that with Asier I lived Two Very good years in Leganés. He performed very well on me.

"Did he hurt when he was expelled from Real?"

– Football are results. When they don't arrive, the easiest thing to look for is the coach. They cannot cast 25 players. The easiest thing is to aim at the boss.

"Something similar happened to Pellegrino."

-It was traumatic … It wasn't easy, it's true. We came from a great season and for me now we have done nothing different. It was a hard cock.

– It's weird that someone quits football.

Fully. For me it is admiring. That someone who has dedicated himself to football for so many years has the courage to follow this path … I imagine he would not be strong enough to leave the team out. I always said I valued Mauricio a lot. Many do not act this way with such sincerity.

-Have you hit the key?

Yes, yes, yes … the truth is. He managed to recover what we had last year. We were harder, more complicated. It has made us gain confidence on a defensive and offensive level.


First, ordering us in defense. He wants us not to give. Your base has gone there. It gives us confidence, of course. And he got it. See, Real Sociedad, Sevilla and Barcelona did not score a goal for us. For Barça, for example, not to throw you at the door is impossible. Well, we get it. Defending is the key. For a team that wants salvation, the most important thing.

Why will the Leganés be saved?

-First, because we are defending perfectly, as I said before. Also, we have a broad model. With high level players. And above all, because we have a great wardrobe, which is essential.

"The equipment injuries were badly injured."

-Well … in the end it's football stuff. It is something we cannot control. The recoveries are being well made. I've had coaches and coaches who don't care about recovery and here it really looks really good. And yet, they fell into Recio, Rivera … that's uncontrollable.

-And how are you? After recovering, he looks better …

Yes of course. I see it that way too. Also, it shows in the results. Let's see, if the results don't come, it's because we, the players, are below expectations. We're human. Sometimes he doesn't give gas. Now it is true that the team is better and that is why we are getting in tune.

If Lega goes down, will it continue?

Yes, I have a contract here. Unless something unusual happens, yes, I have a contract.

"Think in the future if it goes down, does it degrade?"

-Now we shouldn't think about that. Is very. We have five points. It's time. I trust the team. I'm sure we'll make it.