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Rubiales asks TVE to rectify and transmit Super Cup – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Rubiales asks TVE to rectify and transmit Super Cup

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Before the new Copa del Rey draw, the president of the Spanish Football Federation is held, Luis Rubiales asked TVE to overturn its decision not to issue the new Spanish Super Cup because it was held in Saudi Arabia.

About the new Cup: "With this World Cup, the most modest clubs have their momentum. It is the only draw in which some want the toughest team to play. We have changed the plan and course of the Federation. We have transformed the Cup into the modest one." clubs will have more income. Fundamentally in the second B and Tecera, thanks to Impulse 23 "

The Super Cup of Saudi Arabia: "The Super Cup can end or look for an attractive format and generate more money. Super Cup money goes to modest and women's football. There are countries with unequal health, food and social inequalities. Being born female and male doesn't exist." back to this situation. We would have the same income for other countries. There are decisions of the public television entity that may change. I think the decision is revocable. Not because he commits to a disappearing motor competition. "Also because he has been working with this house for decades and needs to know the contract. Women can get on equal terms with men for the party. There will be schools for girls and boys. back to them or do we help them? Let's collaborate so that by 2030 equality will be achieved. "

"Other competitions, such as the Dakar, are also held there and TV money goes to a private company. TV money in the Super Cup goes to modest football. This is the Equality Super Cup. It can only be changed if I leave we can transform the country they asked us and we will do it we could have the easy speech of comfort saying there is no equality and we will not have the opportunity to change things To play a day in the Women's Super Cup We have to thank the Absolute and U21 players for being here. "