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Rubiales calls for more attention to modest football – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubialessaid on Thursday that it is “waiting” for a new government to be set up for the Central Administration of the State to “see the reality of modest football and its social importance“.

12/12/2019 at 17:14



Rubiales visited Asturias today to participate in the gala of the Asturian Football Federation and check the march of the construction works of the new headquarters of the Asturian territorial. Luis Rubiales has remembered the launch of the project Boosts 23 for the next four seasons, whereby the Second B and Third clubs will receive more money, a total of 31 million, of which 24 are the Federation’s own resources. Rubiales he opted for “looking for different tax rates for modest clubs, which do a great deal of social work, and all of this must be done within the legality.”

The president of the Spanish Federation wants to leave behind the controversy caused by the release at the helm of the Spanish national team and stated that everyone “is focused on the future, reaching the Euros in the best conditions so that Luis Enrique, his technical staff and the players can play a good role that is what everyone wants“.

Rubiales he also had words of praise for David Villa following the latter’s announcement of his retirement, and indicated that “there are many tributes to be made and the best way would be to be able to bring them all together“.

He reiterated that in the case of the uncertainty surrounding the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid for reasons, he “the security competitions within the stadium are from the organizing club and outside, from the Security Forces, in no case of the Federation“.

“However, we have spoken to the clubs and the Ministry of the Interior to offer all our cooperation, but reiterating that the Federation has little to say on this issue beyond the disciplinary issues that might arise from any issue, but that is something a posteriori,” he said. Rubiales, who showed his desire that “the match will unfold normally which is what the fans want“.