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Rubiales: “I’m proud of what I’ve done” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Rubiales: "I'm proud of what I've done" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Luis Rubiales participated on Thursday in a talk-colloquium in Malaga, organized by the Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga and the Andalusian Football Federation, and that has taken place in the Edgar Neville auditorium of the Provincial Council. The President of the Federation has referred to the controversy that has been generated Robert Moreno’s departure from the national team and the return to the Red bench of Luis Enrique. “When Louis Henry came out, I gave him my word And I said it publicly, that when he wanted to come back, he’d have the door open. Everyone in football applauded him then. I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’ve received more messages of support now than when I was endowed president. We have a very high head and we are very proud of the decision we have made.”

Rubiales wanted to settle the controversy: “I don’t want to make this an eternal debate. A person returns to his job and the doors are opened to him, it’s that simple. We wanted to do it from today, but as a consequence of the upheaval that formed, it could not be done more calmly. The Federation has acted honestly, kept its word, giving information before, during and after”. He added: “Let’s focus, Wednesday is with us Lucho. He’s a spectacular guy and he has to feel welcomed with the affection he deserves after what’s happened to him. I recognize the work that people who have been with us have done. But now we’re going to give Lucho all the tools so he can fight in the best possible conditions. Win the Euros? We have to try.”.

The president of the Federation he also talked about the decision to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia: “Spain was given the ’82 World Championship in the year 64, when there was a dictatorship here. Football is a tool of social transformation. We know there are things in other countries that we don’t like. We can choose not to go or go and try to help change things. Women are obligatory to enter the stage equally. We have created a school for boys and girls. We have created competitions, one of them will be the first competition in the history of team in Saudi Arabia. And we saved ourselves an opportunity to organize a women’s Super Cup later. What you have to do is go and tell them that women are just like men. Of course we’ve been for money, even though they gave us the same money elsewhere.. But there we can also do a social effort. Our decision is clear and we are proud of it.”

On the television broadcast of the tournament, it was very clear: “TVE has paid a private company to broadcast the Dakar, which will be in Saudi Arabia. If you don’t want to pay to air the Super Cup, when that money goes to modest football and women’s football, then I’m sure some other tv will want to broadcast the Super Cup. And if there isn’t, we’ll make up a TV and charge something very cheap for everyone to see.”

Rubiales, about Malaga: “When there is an economic problem, it is difficult to work on the lawn”

The Grenadine also referred to the current crisis Malaga: “The Federation does not have the competition. But it is available to Malaga for whatever you need. It is our obligation to help as much as possible. If anyone wants to come and see me, we’ll welcome you delighted. The time is difficult, we are at your disposal. Institutions want to help, but the owners have to take a step too, they have to show that they can and want to. And if they succeed and go ahead, we’ll be delighted. If not, we must look for solutions.”

He was asked for his opinion on Al Thani and Rubiales stated that he respects “a lot institutionally, I do not know personally the sheikh and I don’t want to talk to him before, I think it was unfair. But the best way to manage is to be here. Management is done from within, not remotely. Running a transgaming.orging entity requires special involvement, not a normal company. This is something different. In the places you have to be.”

The president of the Federation you’re very clear about what it is the way for Malaga to get out of the current styl: “The solution of Malaga only comes if there are those who guarantee economic harmony. That’s the reality. We all agree, we can’t fool ourselves. We have no powers, there is an economic control exercised by LaLiga. Soon they have to give signs that there is economic viability so that there is certainty so that those on the lawn have peace of mind. When there is an economic problem in the lawn it is very difficult to work, very very difficult”.

“The 4,000 euros that players ask for are advanced by us”

Luis Rubiales she also talked about the women’s football strike: “Since the Federation we have made a determined commitment to women’s football at all levels. I have more directors than directors in the Federation because they’re better. We have invested more than 20 million euros, that speaks for itself. It’s fashionable to talk about women’s football. We are not in the negotiation of the strike but the difference of 4,000 euros between what is given to the players by the clubs and what they ask, we advance it we. Women’s football is a bulwark. The beach football team went without a doctor, without nutritionist, and they thanked me. We have looked with the lens of equality and today there’s no Spanish national team that goes without everything. Removing the Absolute and the Under-21s all lower selections have the same diets.”