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RUN Yoda only has ulna fissure and his return depends on him – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Fissure in the ulna of the right forearm. Evolution pending ". So says the medical part Race official due to injury suffered by Karim Yoda after hitting Glauder when Fuenlabrada scored 2-1. The diagnosis, the result of the scanner he was subjected to yesterday, was good news, since it rules out the dreaded fracture, which would force an absolute immobilization of the arm and leaves the playing field of the most decisive race player, never the contrary, the football player himself.
With a splint made as light enough to pass the refereeing test, Yoda can play as soon as he has enough confidence. Those who have suffered this injury speak of the fact that once the initial pain has been overcome, the most complicated thing will be to overcome the fear of a fall.
The decision does not depend on whether or not to want (The player was on the field after the fissure, enduring the pain and without anyone even seeing him make a gesture, which shows his commitment), but from the subconscious. And that, as the pain threshold he can endure, is different in every person.

Until January In case of Ritchie Kitoko, MRI confirmed that she suffers from a ruptured femoral rectum of the left leg. Although the club does not want to specify the size of the tear, it is certain that the Congolese It will be low at least until after Christmas holidays. With luck, Kitoko could consider the goal of being available for the match to be played in Anduva against Mirandés on 4 January.
In Saturday's game in Zaragoza, Cristóbal Parralo will lose, in addition to two injured, Jordi Figueras and Mario Ortiz, Both sanctioned. The Catalan must face a game of accumulation of cards, while Santander will know today the punishment imposed by the competition committee, which in good logic will be between one or two games for expulsion against Fuenlabrada.

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