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Salvador Martí: "Dreaming is free and we believe in Intercitazo" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


How do they lead the most important party organization in Intercity history?

It is tremendous. Let's organize a very important event. In San Juan we would have gone mad, although it would have been better to play at home. We would have turned a sports center into a new stadium with an extra 12,000 seats. It was tried anyway, but we had a lot of problems.

But playing at Martínez Valero there is less room for surprise …

Is right. At our stadium and on the pitch, Athletic would have been very complicated. The only possibility among 100 we have to spend would be in our home. Although I do not like it, the rules are from the beginning and we could not meet the criteria set by the Federation.

Athletic Coat of Arms / Flag

So few options need to happen?

Dreaming is free and we all believe in "Intercitazo". Players have maximum motivation because they will play the game of their life, except Diego Calvo, who played the World Cup in Brazil with Costa Rica, and Paco Peña. Even so, it's easier to have a 0-7 than a 1-0. But we look forward to it. In fact, players have a bonus for eliminating Athletic and in this negotiation they only talked about the classification.

Rise to second B or pass round eliminating a few more giants?

Both (laughs). If they give me a choice, the promotion.

What does Athletic expect?

I wish Athletic would come with everything, because if it doesn't, it will be bad (laughs). They are the lions and we are the panthers (Intercity plays in black), so there will be a match. The idea is to create a football party with our fans and the many sports clubs in the area. Let's create a & # 39; fan zone & # 39; To live a single day.

Have you talked to the Athletic director?

This is one of the things that exceeded all expectations. We all know that Athletic is big, but they are behaving in a way that still makes them bigger. For them it may be another game, but they know that for Intercity it's the game of their history and its president has become available to us. We all know that Athletic is one of the kings of the World Cup and this tournament is taken very seriously. It is a priority for them.

Which athletic player would he sign on Intercity?

I like everyone, but I feel a special fondness for Muniain.

How many viewers do you expect?

Tickets for the general public cost between 25 and 30 euros. Our partners and those of Elche pay less (15 euros). We could attract about 5,000 spectators, but with Athletic fans we expect to reach 10,000. We have a thousand partners, but there are people who believe in David's story against Goliath and his morbidity.

With the collection, what percentage of your budget will you cover?

25 or 30% or more.

They are third but not the typical modest club …

Our 22 players are exclusively dedicated to football. We may not be a third party club, but we are in the fourth category and it is our reality.

They want to be the pioneers in Spain to go public …

The idea was to do it in December. Before we are a SAD and in February, we want to do so.