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Santi Cazorla: "At 35 I know it's over, but I'm fine for now" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Santi Cazorla has just turned 35 and is "well and looking forward to continuing". Although the media recognizes that “I am happy personally, I feel good and my body responds well. I know the end is coming, but for now I feel good and I have options to help the team. As long as I feel like going on and on, I feel that way now, when I don't feel that way, I'll see what I do, ”he said.

"I think I deserved a win like Sevilla already. The team has been doing merit since the Mestalla match and winning on a field like Sevilla is a confirmation as it is a very complicated field and rival." This victory should be a good one to have a good race, although the first thing is to win the Cup against Comillas and then concentrate on a match with Getafe. "

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Gaining Getafe can take us up: "If we beat Getafe we ​​could get into the fight at the top, it's something we talk to teammates and it's the goal we have. We know they are a good team, which adds that they are doing very well." moment but the idea is to win to conquer the top "

The Getafe: "They are a team that knows very well what they play, a very competitive team with good players, something they are demonstrating in the championship and in Europe."

You have to respect the Cup: "The Cup has to be respected and a lot, the first mistake would be not respecting the draw and Comillas, as all rivals deserve respect. Surely they will complicate us, so we are working to prepare the game in the best way."

Ankle Injury: "I'm better, but today I decided I should rest because I still felt ankle discomfort and it was better to stop. I could push, but I preferred to play a partner who was one hundred percent and also needed to stop."

It will not be easy to join the team: "The team is doing things well and what we should all do is make things more complicated for the coach. If there is a competition, it is good for the team, there are players who are doing very well and that is good for the group. . " It is he who decides and I must fight to win the position. I have always said that I want to contribute both inside and out, and if I have to wait, I will help and support from the outside, as my colleagues have done. "

Good 2019 in person: "The truth is that this was a good year, I can ask little, especially for the team to achieve the goals. Last year, we suffered too much to save the category, so I would ask the team to return to European places."

Put a match: "I like the World Cup, it is good that the small teams have the option to pass and aspire to compete for qualification. It makes the cup more beautiful, it is true that makes it more complicated for the top teams, but for me I like this format better "

"We have already tried out qualifiers in which we fell against lower-level teams, I remember that with Poli Ejido we got a bag so we already know how complicated it is."

Wheat Improvement: "Manu is an important player for the team, so it is important that he can contribute as he is doing. It is true that after the public operation, it cost him to catch up, and now he is at a very good time again. There are players they stepped forward and Manu is one of them, and that's a very good thing for the team.

35 years: "Personally, I'm happy, I feel good and the body is responding well. I know the end is coming, but for now I feel good and with options to help the team. As long as I feel like it and I will continue hard, now I am I feel this way, when I don't feel this way, I'll see what I do. "