Spanish football

Saul: "Morata's celebration was strange, he suddenly set us free when we hugged him …" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Saul appeared in the & # 39; flash interview & # 39; from Movistar LaLiga to give their version of the win against Osasuna. He scored the second goal of the team that confirmed the victory.

Analyze: "We are looking for victory because that is what we needed. We have to follow the same line before the champions. We are very happy and we should follow the same line."

Morata Celebration: "It surprised us all with the celebration. It let everyone go to make a gesture in the stands. It made John and I very funny. It was a little weird."

Versatility: "It's not the game I played the most positions. The coach knows I can play in many positions. I'm in favor of everything the team wants."

Next match: "It's important to go well on vacation and have the momentum to continue. The Champions League game was important."

Juanfran: "Very good, because it's the last two teams. It was a little short for everything he deserves. He'll never forget it because people love him so much."

Morata: "If anyone comes, they will see that it is a family. "

-How did you live the goal and your celebration?

Like everyone else, maybe this time took longer to put on. It's another goal, another victory and we have to grab that line, it cost us a little more, but in the previous ones we were connected. We are evolving and growing and this is important.

-The team kept working, even if the results didn't arrive …

-You see the work we did, it was hard to score a corner, the other day Felipe scored a goal and now me. We are on a good line, in the end no one will remember how we were in December and this is very long.

People ask Atlético to win every game …

It's normal for people to want to win. Atletico must be in the top three. We are growing and in the end, what remains is where you end up. We have open goals and are trained to make a great year. We are still in the Champions League, we have the Cup, then the Spanish Super Cup …

– He had anxiety to score? Does the team need to sign a referral?

-Anxiety you have to have for other things and I tell you. I wanted to dial, there are times when you are close, other times when you enter alone … In the end, it is difficult to dial. If anyone comes, they will be lucky to be a family, there are good children, good partners …

-How do you see João Félix?

-You are young, focused and focused, do not feel the pressure, have talent and this will make you one of the best in the world.

Giménez: "An athlete was seen hungry"

What sensations do you have after the injury?

-I was worried about the game to see how the leg responded, but he responded very well. I got to the meeting well and came back to compete, which I was looking for. The team has been very good and I am happy for the win.

-It looked like he would reappear long before …

"The wound I had was complex because it's a zipper, doctors say." It's best not to risk and listen to the pros, what you feel doing sometimes can't be done because they advise how things are. I wanted to go back well, which was important.

How do you see the team?

-We failed to achieve victory in good games we made. The goal didn't come up and we have the mindset to keep working. An Atletico was hungry, with that anger of wanting to score and seek results. It's us, surrender and sacrifice.

What does João Félix contribute?

-You are a player who wants to add, grow, is young, is gaining confidence, is very important with the quality you have. You see that he wants to work for the team. You have to leave everything on the field and run when you don't have the ball, and with the ball you can see each other's talent. It provides quality and also contributes to the defensive facet, which is important to us.

– Do you need an attacker?

"The only thing missing was a little anger at the goal." The hunger of the strikers, who live with it, was seen. It is important that attackers have confidence.

-When the goals come, you can see the same competitive team ever …

-I see a competitive team, the rival that crosses it, tries to win. There are new players, it's a big change, but that doesn't change anything we have in mind. We try to pass on to the new ones the sacrifice we have and we have more time. The team wants to grow, wants to win and we will improve.