Euro 2020

Schalke coach Wagner criticises DFB line: “This is constructed” – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Not everyone likes the fact that the DFB referees punish untransgaming.orgsmanship more consistently in the return round. After Marco Rose, Schalke coach David Wagner is also surprised.

“I don’t see the connection”: David Wagner, here with referee Dr. Felix Brych.

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According to a new DFB directive, the referees in the upper German leagues have been required since the turn of the year to take consistent action against untransgaming.orgsmanlike. Some coaches don’t really agree with that – including David Wagner.

The Schalke coach simply finds the DFB’s approach of “writing to us during the winter break and saying that the referees are instructed to react more radically, more strictly, more uncompromisingly to such ‘soft’ offences.”

I do not see the connection between what is happening in amateur football, what is absolutely to be condemned, and how the players in the Bundesliga behave.

Because: “I don’t see the connection between what happens in amateur football, which is absolutely to be condemned, and how the players behave in the Bundesliga,” Wagner said on Monday, referring in particular to “hunting scenes” that have taken place in the amat eur bout in recent months. had caused a stir.

“We don’t have these scenes,” he says. “I also don’t think it’s down to a player who raises his arms, waves off or gets upset for a wrong decision in his eyes.” One had nothing to do with the other. “That’s constructed for me because we don’t have hunting scenes in the Bundesliga.” In this respect, one would not have to “do justice to any role model”.

Wagner “with 100 percent at Marco” – Stieler recalls UEFA line

In doing so, Wagner supported the statements of Gladbach coach Marco Rose, who had said after the controversial yellow-red card against Alassane Plea in Leipzig (2:2) after the controversial but in accordance with the new rules: “We are aware of our role. But it becomes difficult when the issue is steered in a direction where we are supposed to be responsible for referees being beaten in lower leagues.” He is “there with Marco with 100 percent,” Wagner said.

The DFB’s general aim of the new line is to “strengthen respect for the game, the opponent and the referee.” Referee Tobias Stieler, who had put Plea off the pitch on Saturday and received backing from the federation, also recalled that UEFA had been running that line “for many years.” “We in Germany were a little careless.”