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Second Divisin: Fernando Vzquez’s Miracle: Six wins in a row resurrected by Deportivo LaLiga SmartBank 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




Deportivo’s players celebrate one of the goals against Las Palmas.

Deportivo extends his winning streak, this time at the expense of UD Las Palmas (2-1), and with the 18 points he has added in six games since the arrival on the bench of Fernando Vzquez, not only approaches permanence, but even begins to soar with recovering the objective with which the season begins, that of finishing in the top six qualifiers and fighting for promotion.

With more than 27,000 fans in Riazor, with work, defence and with the goals of the Basque players Sabin Merino, which is marking for the fourth consecutive day, and Eneko Bveda, Deportivo confirms that he is back, that atrs remains the collapsed team that a month and a half ago is seen with foot and a half in Second B, and that he now sees life with other eyes.

The two teams faced the match in opposite dynamics and Las Palmas, which had linked six matches (five of League) without winning, apost in Riazor by the same system as Deportivo, which reached the upside crash after five wins in a row.

Pepe Mel, whistled on his return to Riazor when his name is heard by public address, he played with lnea of five and the Deportivo retoc a little the scheme by the left wing, with Mollejo more as extreme than as a carriler.

The Canarian team was sinti cmodo at the start of the match and restless Deportivo, but I forgive him. Tana tried Dani Gimnez with a shot from the front that two-stroke goalkeeper and extransgaming.orgsmanist Rubn Castro does not define on two clear occasions, one to srnic’s center when he has everything in his favor to score.

The Deportivo, with the luck of his face, had no mercy. Mollejo and olak forced a hand from Eric Curbelo in the 18th minute and that short slit turned her into an Aketxe goal, with a measured center, and Sabin Merino, who trimmed on the first stick. The Basque striker has converted almost everything he has played since his debut as a blue-white. He goes to goal per game.

Both reassuring the white-blues and Mel put theirs back into the match with a change of players and system, with the colombian’s entry Narvez by Eric Curbelo and the 4-2-3-1 scheme. Before the break, Uruguayan Mauricio Lemos forces Dani Gimnez to fly to get the spherical out of a squad.

Las Palmas monopolizes the baln in the second half, Pedri made sense of his game in the three-quarter lnea and Dani Gimnez had to respond again to a distant shot of Tana (m.62).

The Deportivo waits and counteratac, but without success. Sabin Merino was unable to transform an aparicin of Gaku Shibasaki (m.64) and Japan did not have a second parse.

Las Palmas took the rematch of the first period and found the tie with a goal in Somma’s own goal as he tried to clear the ball in the rea.

The Canarian ensemble settled for the draw, slowed down the game after matching the score and received the punishment when there were six minutes left with a collective play of Deportivo that ended with a headof of Eneko Bveda, free of the mark, on the second stick to the center of Vctor Mol I read from the backin.

Las Palmas again took over the spherical and Deportivo, folded, defended himself to maintain the advantage and add his sixth consecutive victory, which takes him away from the downhill positions and even allows him to soar.

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