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Second Divisin: Zozulia breaks his silence: “I am apoltic and contrary to ideologies” LaLiga SmartBank 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith





“Everything they say about m is not true. I’m just a footballer and a Ukrainian patriot,” says the Albacete striker.

Second Divisin: Zozulia breaks his silence: "I am apoltic and contrary to ideologies" LaLiga SmartBank 2019 - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Zozulia, during their press conference in Albacete.

  • Zozulia.

    A neo-Nazi or a patron of the People’s Ejrcito?

  • Lightning-Albacete Act.

    “Nice hotel in a great way to stay”

Roman Zozulia broke a silence that almost lasted three to “clarify once and for all” the controversy over the dangerous subject of his political convictions. The 30-year-long Ukrainian striker offered a press conference in Albacete where he defined himself as “apoltic and contrary to all ideologies”.

Four das after the screams of Lightning fans caused the match to be suspended in Vallecas, Zozulia departed from the accusations. “Everything they say about m is not true. I am only a footballer and a Ukrainian patriot,” he stresses, before he is “tired of hearing the insults.”

“Helping my time is no crime. Being a patriot is not a crime,” he endorses his commitment to the nacin which in the last years maintains a low-intensity war with Russia. A conflict in which Zozulia has also been involved, econmically supporting Narodna Armiya or Ejrcito del Pueblo.

His vehicle with this armed organization, which he has fought in the Donbass area, is more humanitarian than military. At least, you know your own testimony. “Jams bought weapons for combat. We only acquire technical equipment, such as ambulances, vveres or clothes, to save lives. We help hospitals, buying medicines for cncer and children,” detall.

Zelenski and Flag

A few more pelods above, the protection of Volodimir Zelenski, Ukrainian president, has played an essential role for Zozulia. “Algn President will support a Nazi?” the former Betis player repeatedly, reiterating his thanks to the winner of the last legislative elections last July.

Since January 2017, a part of the Lightning aficin blamed the footballer for his close relationship with the Nazi symbolist, through the trail left on social media. So Zozulia offered his verwithout of the facts, trying to justify his stance in the most controversial photographs.

“In the first I appear with a Stepan Bandera scarf,” he starts on perching with the lder of the ultra-right Ukrainian nationalist of the mid-20th century. “10 years ago the president of Ukraine defined Flag as a hroe of my time. I would like to recall and underline that only reflects our physical resemblance, without any additional information of political tone,” he reveals.

Second Divisin: Zozulia breaks his silence: "I am apoltic and contrary to ideologies" LaLiga SmartBank 2019 - SPANISH FOOTBALL 2
Zozulia, next to score 14-88.

The second photograph appears alongside soldiers of the aforementioned Narodna Armiya. “I just want to support my Ejrcito, the hrs of my pas. That da we are so close to the fire line that we can see the combat zones with some prisms”, rememor, before equating that visit to another one made two years ago “to a military base in Albacete” with its current compaeros.

The last instantnea, perhaps the most controversial, was where he appeared next to a marker with figures 14-88. “It’s a basketball mini-championship, a good-looking man in front of various media,” he began before tiptoeing past 14-88, used by Nazi followers for the greeting Heil Hitler. “The all-out journalists said that these numbers have a meaning, but so far I still don’t understand it. 95% of people don’t know what that means,” slips.

All these episodes of the past acted as fuel during the last week, when the Albacete is due to pay visit to Vallecas. “At first I didn’t want to play on Sunday, but my compaeros convinced me,” I admitted about the duel, suspended in the 42nd minute. “I sit ready in the field and just smile for pure indignacin. However, when I came to the locker room and saw all the support of my compaeros I collapsed emotionally,” I granted before closing his alocucin in the most sharp way. “He’ll play again in Vallecas.”

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