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Second Line Goals – – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The beginning of the competition for the Oviedo It was traumatic. With a point in the closet after five disputed days, the board ordered a change of address and Sergio Egea was revealed by Javi Rozada, the youngest coach in the category. This difficult start has at least left the feeling that sports management, with Michu In his head, he succeeded with the arrival of the attacker.

Alfredo Ortuño He swelled to score goals until he was in command of the top scorers. But the final moment has passed. Him Oviedo Navigate in calmer waters now, have a comfortable 3-point mattress on the descent posts to Second B, and the score pace of Ortuño, as expected, went down. Keep dialing, though not as easily as in the beginning.

Oviedo Emblem / Flag

Murcia is the third top scorer of the competition with 10 goals, right behind Stuani (16) in Gironaand the swarm Luis Suarez (11) And on the last dates, they are joining the second row male scoring tasks. Good news for Javi Rozada.

Barcenas and Borja Sánchez they showed on the last day in Santo Domingo that helps against the goal can come from the midfield line. The Panamanian, with his double, is placed with six goals in his account, the same that achieved last season, his outbreak in Spanish football, and is already one of the second most successful middleweight against rivals goals.

Borja Sánchez, on the other hand, scored his third target in the competition, the first time he enjoys continuity in a coach's plans. From the midpoint, now unquestionable for Rozada, Borja shows that in addition to matching, he also has the success of the goal.

The scoring work in Oviedo seems to reside in these three protagonists. After them, all the blues were distributed in the solitary hits of Christian, Sangalli, Obeng, Nieto and Ibrahima, as well as a goal in their own Somma goal on matchday one against Deportivo de la Coruña in Riazor.

With Ortuño as a reference in the area and with the help of Barcenas and Sangalli, the Blues are still looking for more agents against the goal, to make this Oviedo a harder game for rivals to predict.

Arnau: "I'm a club man"

Francesc arnau he lived yesterday as longtime sporting director of Oviedo in an intervention in which he did not leave many clues about his line of action but showed his satisfaction at facing the challenge of directing the designs of the Oviedo From the offices. "I always said that I am a club. In my sports career, I only participated in two clubs: Barcelona and Malaga. I always tried to take root. I'm a sports director and the charges last as long as they last, "he said.

He added about the goal when he reached: "Talking about a long-term goal is far away for us right now. There is one in the short term: stabilizing the team. We came from a bad situation, a wrong mindset was created and we took a first step, but the second one is very long. Our short-term goal is to be two or three games off the descent. I like to work homeless. "

In the winter market, Catalan made it clear that the course of action was clear. "I'm pretty clear that players can leave nextand, but I'll talk to the players first. You have to be face to face and the first one to find out is the player. I won't give names here because it wouldn't be right, "he said at Carlos Tartiere.