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Selection ? “Amazing place to stay” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Selection ? "Amazing place to stay" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

What are our only world and European champions feeling about Next summer’s Euro?

I have good vibrations, because the signals emitted by the equipment are reliable. There’s been a smooth transition, but a good football base is maintained. Honestly, Spain looks good. I think he’s going to make a great championship.

Is it among the favorites?

Yes, Spain is in the favorites group. But there are very good selections and it is an open Euro. In addition to the last two finalists, Portugal and France, you have to count on Germany, England, Belgium…, and then surely other candidates such as Belgium or Italy, who seem to be back. And we must not despise Croatia, which has great players. That’s why I say it’s not easy to win a Euro.

What does your hope base on with Spain?

In what we have seen in the last months and in stages of the qualifying phase. And also in that there is a game base and a block that has worked. There is a good game trend and a current that we can take advantage of. Then, of course, each coach gives it his personal touch.

Do you think that everything extra-transgaming.orgy that has happened around the national team can take its toll on the Euros?

I don’t think so, and it won’t happen. It must not influence. Footballers play for one country, not one coach or another.

Do you think having a player like Sergio Ramos is a guarantee for the team for their experience in the final stages?

Sergio Ramos is a leader in the field and that leadership is important in the moments when you live in a Euro. But it’s not just your responsibility. There are also other veterans, such as Albiol or Busquets, who will bring their experience and their know-how. The block is not done with one or two players, we need everyone’s involvement. Young people, too.

As for players, what do you expect from footballers like Mbappé?

Well, We all know Mbappé. He’s a great player, who plays the Champions League in a great team. Today it is not easy for a player to surprise at a Euro or World Cup, because those who go are already well known. It’s all trite today. I remember for example when not so long ago a certain Nedved, who was playing with the Czech Republic…, but those times have passed. Today all the footballers are on the radar. If you have to stay with one, a Spaniard comes to mind: Fabian.

Do you like Fabian?

He’s playing well, with strength, deployment and punchline. It’s not easy to find players like him, so accurate at the first or second touch. He’s a complete midfielder. I think he’s going to make a great Euro.

What game trend do you think you’ll see at the Euros?

Today everyone talks about the pressure ahead, or pressure after the loss, and put the article that should be more than to say that of ‘pressure after loss’… Well, I don’t want to get picky either. The thing is, nowadays it seems that the one who doesn’t talk about the pressure ahead gets fired. There is an obsession with that which I think we will see something in the Euro.

The 2020 Euro will be a different European Cup. Spain is going to play at home in Bilbao, what do you think?

I will be envious of healing to see the national team play in San Mamés; I would have liked to go with Spain to the Basque Country and to Catalonia. It would have been a great personal satisfaction. It couldn’t have been, but I’m glad it’s going to be next year. In addition, that contributes to the union between all. And we cannot forget that in the national team there have always been great players from the Basque Country and Catalonia. That Spain plays in San Mamés seems to me good news.

The tournament will be played in twelve different cities across Europe, what a mess, right?

I’m not messing around. I like it, because in the end you can’t put doors to the countryside, and Europe is our neighborhood. We’ve been in a global world for a long time.

Will you be encouraged to go to the Cathedral to watch a game?

Well, I’d really like to, but you know I’m not from big crowds. There’ll be a lot of people. We’ll see.