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Selection: From the Source gets into the prelist for Tokyo to Ramos, Piqué… and the rest of First – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Selection: From the Source gets into the prelist for Tokyo to Ramos, Piqué... and the rest of First - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Luis de la Fuente has already sent the prelist for the Olympic games, although no conclusion can be drawn. In it are Ramos, Piqué, Navas… and the rest of the Spanish Players from Primera. The same is true of second-class people and those who play abroad. Many Spanish footballers from the subsidiaries who play in Segunda B are also there.

The final list of 18 footballers must come out of this prelist. No player who is not in it can go, whether he or she is under 23 years of age. An important restriction, albeit in small print: there is no limit on footballers. Therefore, De la Fuente has decided to include everyone so as not to close doors and also not to give any clues.

Only 18 players can appear on the final list and only three of them can be over 23 years old (the tournament is for births from 1997). The decision on the three majors who will go is not made, although it is very profiled. If all goes normal, there will be three of the nine born in 1996 who were European Under-21 champions last summer (Sivera, Junior, Aguirregabiria, Fabián, Merino, Roca, Ceballos, Pedraza and Fornals). Today Ceballos, Fabian and Merino start with an advantage over the rest.

Therefore, the possibility of Ramos, Piqué, Navas or one of the footballers who have publicly expressed their desire to attend is remote. De la Fuente said in a recent interview with AS that “it doesn’t close the door to anyone.” It’s true. There are seven months until the Games and the landscape can change a lot. There is a particularly sensitive position: the center front. There only Borja Mayoral is fixed and doesn’t have much else to choose from from the Fountain among those under the age of 23 who play regularly in Primera. Therefore, the coach knows that there may be the circumstance of having to take on a 23-year-old who was not a champion last summer. But it is a possibility which, in principle, it will only resort to if necessary. If not, the exceptions will come out of the group of nine footballers mentioned above…