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Selections that are already eliminated from Qatar 2022 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Selections that are already eliminated from Qatar 2022 - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Three years left before the Qatar World Cup is played, which will be played between November 21 and December 18, 2022, but there are already 21 Asia and Africa national teams who have stayed out of this competition. The last matches of the first qualifying round of the African Football Confederation (CAF) in which 14 teams have been eliminated and another 14 have qualified for the next round, where another 26 African teams previously ranked for their position in the FIFA rankings already awaited them. In these, the six Asian teams who in June were left out in the round leading up to the qualifying phase that is already being played.

In Africa, the next step is the group stage. The 40 ranked teams will face each other in ten groups of four teams each. Matches will be played between March 2020 and October 2021. After these matches, the ten group champions will qualify for one third round knockout, in five round-trip matches to be played between 8 and 16 November 2021. The five teams that win these matches will automatically qualify for the World Cup.

In Asia, the second round is being played since September 5th, a phase of eight groups of five teams each. When this phase is over, on June 9, 2020, theeight group champions and the top four seconds they will move on to the third round of qualifying for the World Cup and will also qualify for the 2023 Asian Cup. These 12 teams will advance to the next round, in which there will be two groups of six teams each.

The first two of these groups will automatically qualify for the World Cup, and the two third-placed will face off in a knockout phase. Finally, the winner of this phase will move to the interconfederation playoffs. In this round, four teams, one from the Asian AFC, two from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL American and one from the ocean ofbid, the final two spots of the 2022 World Cup will be played.

The 21 selections removed

1. Brunei (Asia)

2. Laos (Asia)

3. East Timor (Asia)

4. Macao (Asia)

5. Pakistan (Asia)

6. Bhutan (Asia)

7. Lesotho (Africa)

8. Somalia (Africa)

9. Zimbabwe (Africa)

10. Burundi (Africa)

11. Swaziland (Africa)

12. Botswana (Africa)

13. Sierra Leone (Africa)

14. Mauricio (Africa)

15. South Sudan (Africa)

16. Gambia (Africa)

17. Seychelles (Africa)

18. Comoros (Africa)

19. Sao Tome and Principe (Africa)

20. Eritrea (Africa)

21. Chad (Africa)