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Several modest World Cup clubs meditate to change course – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Several modest World Cup clubs meditate to change course

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The more modest clubs face some problems preparing their match against the First Division in the new Copa del Rey. With tournament reform, clubs that qualify through Regional Preferred will be responsible for the exercise of the hosts, but must meet certain requirements at their facilities. From security measures, changing rooms, press areas, minimal lighting for television broadcasting …

Federation emissaries went to the camps to verify that they meet the requirements set by and that they still need to be reviewed on television to approve the broadcast. Several Third Division teams are looking for a time trial solution with city councils to meet the requirements and be able to play on their field. As is the case with Bergantiños and Peña Azagresa. Intercity has already talked to Elche in the case of Martínez Valero.

The president of Becerril was the first to announce that he would not play Mariano Haro against the Royal Society and move to La Balestera. The reasons are for safety and higher capacity. This last reason is what Atlético Antoniano-Betis could bring to Benito Villamarín, according to José Antonio Espina. Lebrijanos has a capacity of 3,500 spectators in its field, while Villamarín is able to accommodate more than 60,000 people. which would allow Atletico Antoniano higher box office revenue. In addition, Lebrija is less than 70 kilometers away, which would allow Antoniano fans to travel to Seville.

But the biggest conflict is in Logroño, where three city teams play in the first round and there is a conflict of interest in Las Gaunas. SD Logroñés and Comillas face Eibar and Villarreal respectively, but cannot play at the 82nd World Stadium as they do not meet the conditions and must perform works. UD Logroñés, who plays in Las Gaunas, must also play the World Cup against Marino. According to sources in Comillas, the City Council is unwilling to play three days in a row in Las Gaunas and on Sunday do the EDF Logroño, of the first female division, since the state of the grass would not support him. The only solution they found was to ask RFEF, for exceptional reasons, to advance Logroñés-Marino UD for a week and play on December 11.. Both teams are willing. It is now up to the competition judge whether or not to accept the proposal or whether the matter remains tangled.